4 Sep, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Jessica Shelton

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#NISODProfiles -  Jessica Shelton "Many students feel like impostors who don’t belong on campus. That resonates with me, and I try to normalize belonging and self-confidence during advising times or meetings during office hours." #NISODProfiles | November 14, 2019  [...]

7 Aug, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Kreg Mebust

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#NISODProfiles - Kreg Mebust "I connect with my students beneath a philosophy of service learning. They invest their time and money with me, so it is my goal to provide a superior curriculum and a setting that mirrors the offices of allied design professions." [...]

24 Jul, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Christopher Wild

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#NISODProfiles - Christopher Wild "Helping our students see potential in themselves; coaching them through obstacles; supporting them, but also allowing them the freedom to struggle as a means to grow; and watching as students realize their goals…that’s what I enjoy." #NISODProfiles | July [...]

26 Jun, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Lauri Heintz

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#NISODProfiles - Lauri Heintz "I would love to share a meal with Malala Yousafzai because she understands the importance of education in a person’s life. She fights to ensure that everyone has a chance for a quality education." #NISODProfiles | June 27, 2019 [...]