28 Jul, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Anthony V. LaStrape

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#NISODProfiles - Anthony V. LaStrape     "Introductory courses are the front porch of the discipline. A bad experience in Introduction to Communication might drive away a potential major. I love being able to show students what introductory courses can lead to and relish the opportunity to guide [...]

18 May, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Robyn Hayes

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#NISODProfiles - Robyn Hayes     "The smaller, informal classes have allowed me to be part of many students’ lives on a deeper level. I see my students at work in our community when I am shopping, at a doctor’s appointment, at church, and during public events. I [...]

23 Mar, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Angela Hager

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#NISODProfiles - Angela Hager     "Regardless of their age, students who attend community college are changing the trajectory of their lives. Many are unprepared, some have failed before, others have personal responsibilities that ten people could hardly shoulder...and all of them are at the start of a [...]