29 May, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Emmanuel Luke

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#NISODProfiles - Emmanuel Luke "My best piece of advice for other educators is to encourage and motivate students about your field, and to work with them to ensure that they understand the keys to securing and maintaining employment in the profession you are preparing them for." [...]

24 Apr, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Michael Zdilla

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#NISODProfiles - Michael Zdilla "I find that, when teaching a diverse group of students, using examples of real-world experiences that span across different generational and cultural gaps really helps students to relate to course material. I call these relatable accounts 'Cultural Curveballs.'"   [...]

17 Apr, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Jillian Sole

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#NISODProfiles - Jillian Sole "Starting the Pierpont Pride Food Pantry has been a professional accomplishment for me. It is very hard to study and learn if you are worried about being hungry. Being able to eliminate this burden for our students truly makes me feel like I have [...]

3 Apr, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Tom Grady

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#NISODProfiles - Tom Grady “Every day that I come to work, I am provided with an opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others, to be an agent of change, and to help open the doors of opportunity for learners. This is what drives me each [...]

6 Mar, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Jeffrey Mudrock

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#NISODProfiles - Jeffrey Mudrock "I love the fact that every day I get the opportunity to help diverse groups of students discover the power and beauty of mathematics. I get no greater joy than hearing from a student that he or she became more interested in mathematics or [...]