7 Aug, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Kreg Mebust

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#NISODProfiles - Kreg Mebust "I connect with my students beneath a philosophy of service learning. They invest their time and money with me, so it is my goal to provide a superior curriculum and a setting that mirrors the offices of allied design professions." [...]

24 Jul, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Christopher Wild

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#NISODProfiles - Christopher Wild "Helping our students see potential in themselves; coaching them through obstacles; supporting them, but also allowing them the freedom to struggle as a means to grow; and watching as students realize their goals…that’s what I enjoy." #NISODProfiles | July [...]

26 Jun, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Lauri Heintz

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#NISODProfiles - Lauri Heintz "I would love to share a meal with Malala Yousafzai because she understands the importance of education in a person’s life. She fights to ensure that everyone has a chance for a quality education." #NISODProfiles | June 27, 2019 [...]

29 May, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Emmanuel Luke

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#NISODProfiles - Emmanuel Luke "My best piece of advice for other educators is to encourage and motivate students about your field, and to work with them to ensure that they understand the keys to securing and maintaining employment in the profession you are preparing them for." [...]

24 Apr, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Michael Zdilla

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#NISODProfiles - Michael Zdilla "I find that, when teaching a diverse group of students, using examples of real-world experiences that span across different generational and cultural gaps really helps students to relate to course material. I call these relatable accounts 'Cultural Curveballs.'"   [...]

17 Apr, 2019

#NISODProfiles – Jillian Sole

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#NISODProfiles - Jillian Sole "Starting the Pierpont Pride Food Pantry has been a professional accomplishment for me. It is very hard to study and learn if you are worried about being hungry. Being able to eliminate this burden for our students truly makes me feel like I have [...]