30 Mar, 2021

NISODProfiles – Victoria Bentz

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#NISODProfiles - Victoria Bentz "Be flexible and kind. Students have such a broad range of demographics, readiness, and goals; so instructors need to maintain an attitude of flexibility in order to accommodate all learning levels and student needs." #NISODProfiles | April 1, 2021 [...]

1 Feb, 2021

NISODProfiles – Benetha Jackson

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#NISODProfiles - Benetha Jackson "My favorite part of being a community college instructor is witnessing people change their lives. Students can go from not being great at coursework to getting into the program of their dreams with the improved skills they gain at community college. In a few [...]

1 Dec, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Shamim Arastu

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#NISODProfiles - Shamim Arastu   "Community college gives me the opportunity to work closely with students in a smaller setting. I love sharing information with students that will help them make choices about their areas of interest in the field of education. I serve as a bridge to [...]

16 Nov, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Mwauna Maxwell

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#NISODProfiles - Mwauna Maxwell "Faculty, I invite you to visualize your students leaving the classroom at the end of the semester with a distinct feeling of belongingness and value. Now, think about all the experiences, beginning with the first day, that will engender those feelings. Your relationship with [...]

3 Nov, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Kimberly George

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#NISODProfiles - Kimberly George     "Community college classes reflect a wide diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and life views. As a result, class discussions challenge me to see new views of life. I also enjoy working with faculty as we push each other to be more innovative and [...]