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NISOD’s events ensure that you’re continually up to date about the latest practices, principles, and technologies designed to improve teaching, learning, and leadership, with the ultimate goal being to increase student success. Click an event title to view more details.

September 20, 2021WebinarAmerica's Missing Piece: Understanding and Teaching DEI's Generational ModuleZoom
September 21, 2021WebinarShutdowns, Snowballs, and Sages Zoom
September 23, 2021WebinarComputational Literacy for Modern CareersZoom
September 30, 2021Virtual WorkshopSearching for Tangible Evidence of Critical Thinking Skills
 Module 1-September 30
 Module 2-October 1
October 7, 2021WebinarCollaborating with Student ScholarsZoom
October 11, 2021WebinarDecolonizing Higher Education: A 28-Year-Old Professor’s PerspectiveZoom
October 15, 2021Virtual WorkshopWhat’s the Secret to Creating Classroom Discussions That Work?Zoom
October 20, 2021Virtual Conference2021 Annual Fall Virtual ConferenceZoom
October 28, 2021WebinarHow Faculty Can Drive Institutional InnovationZoom
November 2, 2021WebinarI’ve Got a Retirement Saving Tool for You: The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Zoom
November 5, 2021Virtual WorkshopEmotional Intelligence, Student Efficacy, and the Growth MindsetZoom
November 8, 2021WebinarA 2020 Perspective on Presence Zoom
November 12, 2021Virtual WorkshopTeaching Critical Thinking Skills in Communications Courses
 Module 1-November 12
 Module 2-November 19
November 15, 2021WebinarUseful, Usable, and Actionable: How Faculty Can Use Data to Improve Student SuccessZoom
November 18, 2021WebinarLeaving Space for Creativity Zoom
December 2, 2021Virtual WorkshopTeaching With Your Mouth Shut: Keeping Students Active, Attentive, and Engaged!
 Module 1-December 2
 Module 2-December 3
December 6, 2021WebinarWhere Are My Students? Increasing Online Presence Using Canvas Zoom
December 10, 2021Virtual WorkshopMeeting Students Where They Are
 Module 1-December 10
 Module 2-December 17
December 14, 2021WebinarTwo Things Are Certain in This World: Today We Are Going to Discuss One ~ Taxes!Zoom
December 16, 2021WebinarCreating Engagement in the Virtual ClassroomZoom
January 20, 2022WebinarIn Need of a Course Chiropractor? Using Distance Learning Alignment Strategies to Improve Student Success Zoom
January 21, 2022Virtual WorkshopTeaching Critical Thinking in Pre-College English Courses
 Module 1-January 21
 Module 2-January 28
January 24, 2022WebinarFaculty Mental Wellness in Academe: Is Leadership Up to the Challenge? Zoom
January 25, 2022WebinarFinancing the College Experience Zoom
February 3, 2022WebinarReboot Your Class by Teaching With Presence and Compassion Zoom
February 4, 2022Virtual WorkshopTeaching Critical Thinking and Rationality in Science and Math Courses
 Module 1-February 4
 Module 2-February 11
February 7, 2022WebinarArt, Imitating Life: Integrating Humanities for Teaching Social SciencesZoom
February 18, 2022Regional WorkshopEmotional Intelligence, Student Efficacy, and the Growth MindsetCalhoun Community College - Huntsville Campus, Huntsville, AL
March 3, 2022WebinarHelping Students Become Extraordinary: Using the CliftonStrengths Assessment to Enhance Engagement and Retention at Community CollegesZoom
March 7, 2022WebinarUsing Restorative Practices to Interrupt and Address Microaggressions in the ClassroomZoom
March 8, 2022WebinarA Guide to Teaching Financial ResponsibilityZoom
April 4, 2022WebinarCareer and College Promise: Helping Students Be All They Can Be! Zoom
April 19, 2022WebinarPlan for the Future: How an Estate Plan Puts You in Control Zoom
April 21, 2022WebinarPositive Impacts of Bridge, Dual Enrollment, and Support Programs for All Students: Foundations for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Zoom
May 5, 2022WebinarFair Warning and Fair Use: Copyright and Plagiarism in the Digital Age Zoom
May 9, 2022WebinarDeveloping New, Better, and More LovesZoom
May 28, 2022Conference2022 International Conference on Teaching and Leadership ExcellenceJW Marriott, Austin, TX
May 31, 2022WebinarPlan for Your-Future: Your Social Security BenefitsZoom
July 12, 2022WebinarInsurance, Insurance, EverywhereZoom
August 23, 2022WebinarInvesting: Getting Started, Keeping it Going, Cashing InZoom
October 21, 2022Regional WorkshopTeaching Critical ThinkingCalhoun Community College - Huntsville Campus, Huntsville, AL
May 27, 2023Conference2023 International Conference on Teaching and Leadership ExcellenceJW Marriott, Austin, TX
May 25, 2024Conference2024 International Conference on Teaching and Leadership ExcellenceJW Marriott, Austin, TX
May 24, 2025Conference2025 International Conference on Teaching and Leadership ExcellenceJW Marriott, Austin, TX