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Do you know awesome faculty, administrators, and staff—the ones who are a testament to the important work done on your campus every day? Don’t miss this opportunity to show your appreciation for their dedication and contributions by submitting their names for the NISOD Excellence Awards!

The NISOD Excellence Awards were established in 1991 to provide NISOD member colleges with an opportunity to recognize individuals doing extraordinary work on their campuses. Since then, more than 30,000 recipients have been honored with the Award by their colleges. Using their own criteria, NISOD member colleges submit the names of men and women each year who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment and contribution to their students and colleagues. All individuals whose names are submitted are recognized as NISOD Excellence Award recipients. Each Excellence Award recipient receives a unique silver medallion engraved with The University of Texas and NISOD insignias and adorned with a burnt orange ribbon.

The Excellence Awards tradition gives NISOD the distinct privilege of honoring so many of our community colleges’ best educators. We are indebted to NISOD member colleges for their continuing support of this annual celebration. While the pomp and circumstance of the Excellence Awards Program is conducted with a refined touch, the overarching statement is that teaching and leading on the front lines of the community college mission rest on the shoulders of these outstanding individuals.

How to Submit Names

Instructions for submitting names will be sent to the college liaison in late August.  The NISOD Excellence Awards are only open to NISOD member colleges. Using their own selection criteria, colleges submit the names of individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment and contribution to their students and colleagues. Click here to read how other colleges select their recipients.

How Recipients Are Celebrated

Click here to read about the wonderful and numerous ways NISOD Excellence Awards recipients are celebrated.


Contact or call (512) 471-7545.

NISOD membership provides an opportunity for HACC to recognize our employees who demonstrate excellence in and out of the classroom. In addition, HACC employees feel honored to be selected by their peers to receive the prestigious NISOD Excellence Award.
—John J. “Ski” Sygielski, Ed.D., President, Harrisburg Area Community College


February 3, 2023
Deadline to Submit Names

April 14, 2023
Excellence Awards Statement and Photos Deadline

May 12, 2023
Deadline to RSVP or purchase tickets to Excellence Awards Dinner

April 7, 2023
Ad Reservation Deadline

April 21, 2023
Ad Submission Deadline