6 Oct, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Rafael Castillo

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#NISODProfiles - Rafael Castillo "Patience and empathy are the twin pillars I'd recommend to first-timers teaching community college students. In my classes, I share a short introduction to my struggles and fears as a first-generation learner to help students realize I understand their struggles." [...]

22 Sep, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Sadhana Ray

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#NISODProfiles - Sadhana Ray "I bring my own life experiences to the classroom to help students relate to me. Involving students in college events, encouraging them to participate, volunteer services, and learn from those experiences helps connect us as a community." #NISODProfiles | [...]

28 Jul, 2020

#NISODProfiles – Anthony V. LaStrape

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#NISODProfiles - Anthony V. LaStrape     "Introductory courses are the front porch of the discipline. A bad experience in Introduction to Communication might drive away a potential major. I love being able to show students what introductory courses can lead to and relish the opportunity to guide [...]