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Host a Campus Workshop

A college brings a workshop to their institution exclusively for their faculty, administrators, and staff. Campus Workshops allow colleagues to come together at a more localized level to share experiences, network, and learn from one another as they address issues and best practices that are specifically relevant to their institution. Campus Workshops create a more personal and engaging environment where each person is featured and expected to get involved.

Campus Workshop Details

  • Typically a one-day, single-topic workshop, although other arrangements can be made.
  • The college provides meeting space, Wi-Fi, and audiovisual equipment (projector, screen, and possibly microphone and speakers, depending on audience size).
  • The cost for each workshop is based on the number of participants. Workshop fees include the facilitator’s stipend and travel-related expenses.

Schedule a Campus Workshop

Please contact Edward Leach at or (512) 232-1430 for additional information or to arrange to have a workshop brought to your campus.

Member College Rate
# of Participants Fee
<15 $3,500
15-25 $4,500
26-50 $5,500
51-75 $6,500
76-100 $7,500
101-125 $8,500
126-150 $9,500
>150 $10,500
Non-Member College Rate
# of Participants Fee
<15 $5,000
15-25 $6,000
26-50 $7,000
51-75 $8,000
76-100 $9,000
101-125 $10,000
126-150 $11,000
>150 $12,000

Available Workshops

Workshops supplement NISOD’s offerings of professional development programs and resources, which culminate with NISOD’s Annual International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence held every Memorial Day weekend in Austin, Texas. NISOD’s annual conference is noted as the premier convening of community and technical college faculty, administrators, and staff who strive for excellence in leadership, teaching, and learning. For more information about NISOD’s conference or to register, visit

Another New Paradigm: The MillennialZ and Educational TechnologyGlassberg, Sean J.
Another Seat at the Table: A Diversity and Inclusion WorkshopRankine, Nicole
Awaken YOUR Futuristic Mindset: How to Think Like a FuturistJassal, Parminder K.
Beyond the LMS: Free Digital Learning and Teaching Tools to Enhance Student EngagementGlassberg, Sean J.
Brain-Based Teaching and LearningCosta, Karen
Building a Culture of ReflectionMerliss, Gena
Capture My Heart, Educate My SoulTolbert-Bynum Rivers, Pamela
Deeper STEM Learning Through Metacognitive ConversationsHogan, Nika
Designing and Delivering Inclusive CoursesMerliss, Gena
Developing Reflective PractitionersMerliss, Gena
Educational Psychology Crash Course: Encouraging a Culture of Continued ImprovementMosser, Elizabeth A.
Emotional Intelligence, Student Efficacy, and the Growth MindsetKatz, David
Empathy, Innovation, and CollaborationCardenas, Judith
Engaged Academic Literacy for All With Reading ApprenticeshipHogan, Nika
Everyone Communicates, But Few Connect: Effectively Engaging Today’s LearnerRankine, Nicole
Exercise Toolkit for Virtual Interactive Teaching and LearningSchoem, David
Faculty Chats: Collaboration and Idea Sharing for Student SuccessLandry, Ericka
Flipped Learning: Pathway to Student SuccessChristensen, Erik
How to Manage Student Behavior Without Really TryingGlassberg, Sean J.
Ignite, Inspire, and Innovate: Integrating Innovation Into Today’s College CoursesCardenas, Judith
Igniting the Light of Online Creativity: The Virtual Inspirational Six (The V-i6)Barr, Stewart
Meaningful Recognition: “I Like the Way You Said That”Garretson, Wendy
Meeting Students Where They AreMerliss, Gena
Navigating Through New Instructional NormsWilliams, Marcus E.R.
No More Boring Online Classes: Creating Exciting, Engaging, and Effective Live SessionsCohen, Beth, Mahoney, Clea
Preparing for Difficult Classroom Conversations: Strategies for Expert and Novice FacilitatorsHerman, Jennifer H.
Redesigning the Learning Experience: Empathize, Ideate, and Prototype Like a Pro!Cardenas, Judith
Relationships MatterAbascal, Juan R. and Brucato, Dominic
Scheduling for Stability and Growth in Uncertain TimesWalcher, Sheldon
Searching for Tangible Evidence of Critical Thinking SkillsGlassberg, Sean J.
Strategies for Student Learning and Success: Relational Teaching and Classroom Community BuildingSchoem, David
Teaching Critical ThinkingEigenauer, John
Teaching Critical Thinking and Rationality in Science and Math CoursesEigenauer, John
Teaching Critical Thinking in Pre-College English CoursesEigenauer, John
Teaching Critical Thinking OnlineEigenauer, John
Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in Communications CoursesEigenauer, John
Teaching With Your Mouth Shut: Keeping Students Active, Attentive, and Engaged!Landry, Ericka
Teachin’ It! Tips to Facilitate Inclusive, Inquiry-Based Learning OnlineDarling, Felicia
Technology Frenzy: Effectively Incorporating Technology Tools Into the ClassroomLandry, Ericka
The Age of Artificial Intelligence and LearningCardenas, Judith
Tiny Habits of Student SuccessCardenas, Judith
Transforming Cell Phone Distractions Into Personalized Learning InteractionsWilliams, Marcus E.R.
Universal Design for Learning: Understand It, Design It, Live ItMosser, Elizabeth A.
Using The Inspirational Six (The i6) to Rekindle the Light of CreativityBarr, Stewart and Pitucco, Anthony
What’s the Secret to Creating Classroom Discussions That Work?Herman, Jennifer H.
When Mindfulness Meets the ClassroomBiggerstaff, Chelsea