Liaison Resources

As a NISOD member college liaison, your role is to disseminate information sent to you by NISOD, engage your colleagues with NISOD’s benefits, and be the point person for administrative actions. Here are some tools to help you in this role and ensure your colleagues stay engaged.

Full Listing of Member College Liaisons 

Who is my college’s liaison?

Benefits Communication and Distribution

While there are many methods available for communicating and socializing the many NISOD membership benefits, below are a couple of ideas to get you started. For ideas and tips on many more communication and distribution ideas, download the Orientation Presentation from the next section.

  • Include you college’s NISOD login information in new employee orientation presentations.
  • Utilize Innovation Abstracts as a resource for sharing ideas at brown bag discussions and strategic planning meetings.

Online and Downloadable Resources

Below are online and downloadable resources to help you in your role as well as to help you learn more about all NISOD member benefits.

Membership Benefits Online
Ways to Engage With NISOD  Online  PDF
Get Connected With NISOD     

Benefit Information At-A-Glance With NISOD 4-1-1

NISOD 4-1-1” is a one-sided, member benefits resource information sheet that can be posted online or in faculty and staff break areas. Click here for your college’s custom flyer.

Liaison Orientation Session and Informational Webinars

Join our Membership Team, in a brief webinar to review member benefits, your role as the liaison, distribution ideas, and how to reap the full benefits of your college’s membership. Whether you are new to the role or a NISOD liaison veteran, this webinar offers valuable information for all. To request the webinar, please email

NISOD Connect

NISOD Connect is our membership engagement point system designed to help your college realize a greater return on its investment in NISOD! NISOD Connect will help you get faculty, staff, and administrators at your college more engaged and active with useful resources. Member colleges can earn points right up until the April 1, 2022, deadline by participating in any of our NISOD activities. The top earning colleges in each FTE category will receive a $500 credit which can be used for regional workshops, the annual conference, or the Virtual Conference throughout the 2022-2023 membership year!