8 Jun, 2020

Teaching Technical Topics With a Human Perspective

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Volume XLII, No. 21 | June 11, 2020 Teaching Technical Topics With a Human Perspective  As an instructor in physical science and engineering classes, I frequently assess teaching tools and techniques that promote student participation and enthusiasm. I’ve noticed that students tend to “perk up” when I share technical topics in a way that includes human [...]

26 Jun, 2019

Reconnecting Theory and Hands-On Material Estimating

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Volume XLI, No. 24 | June 27, 2019 Reconnecting Theory and Hands-On Material Estimating You may have heard construction workers, students, and even some technical trade educators say that the construction industry is mostly a hands-on industry. I find that this statement is rooted in misunderstanding. Surely “hands-on” tasks play an important [...]