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NISOD and ELI to Facilitate Summit at SXSWedu 2017

Austin, TX [October 24, 2016]: The 2017 SXSWedu Conference and Festival accepted a half-day summit proposal organized by the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), in collaboration with The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI). The presentation was selected from more than 1,300 submissions to SXSWedu, which fosters innovation in learning by hosting a diverse and energetic community of stakeholders across a variety of backgrounds in education. The summit will take place during the many SXSWedu events scheduled from March 6-9, 2017, in Austin, Texas.

The summit, titled “An Entrepreneurial Mindset Across Campus,” will engage participants in the ways in which entrepreneurship can empower community college faculty, administrators, staff, and students, and is divided into four one-hour sessions:

  • Keynote: “Redefining Entrepreneurship”
  • Session 1: “The Entrepreneurial Mindset”
  • Session 2: “The Entrepreneurial Process”
  • Session 3: “Entrepreneurship to Advance Community College Learning and Leading”

Summit participants will examine the underlying beliefs and assumptions and other psychological factors that influence entrepreneurial attitudes and behavior. They will also learn how to work in teams to identify and solve problems within the highly ambiguous, resource-constrained circumstances often found on community college campuses. Finally, participants will examine the skills possessed by successful entrepreneurs that can also drive student success.

Scheduled summit speakers include:

  • Edward Leach, Executive Director, NISOD
  • Bree Langemo, President, ELI
  • Gary Schoeniger, Founder and CEO, ELI
  • Bruce Leslie, Chancellor, Alamo Colleges
  • Richard Rhodes, President, Austin Community College

“We are delighted that SXSWedu has accepted our summit session, and we look forward to partnering with the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative on this exciting opportunity,” said Dr. Edward J. Leach, NISOD’s Executive Director. “The prestigious SXSWedu Conference and Festival is a place where educators from all over the world gather to connect, collaborate, and impact the future of education, and we are delighted to be part of this important event.”

ELI President Bree Langemo said, “ELI works to build meaningful partnerships with organizations where there is mission alignment. NISOD is one of ELI’s signature partners, and we couldn’t be more pleased to present with NISOD leadership and members at SXSWedu, a cutting-edge educational event that fosters innovation in learning.”

“The power of entrepreneurial thinking reaches far beyond business creation,” ELI Founder and CEO Gary Schoeniger said. “Entrepreneurship is a mindset; a framework for thinking and acting that can empower community college faculty members, administrators, staff, and students to succeed. And, in today’s rapidly changing, highly-complex world, the need for entrepreneurial thinkers at all levels of society has never been greater.”


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Founded in 2007, the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI) is a global thought leader dedicated to expanding human potential through entrepreneurial mindset education. ELI serves academic institutions, government agencies, and profit and non-profit organizations around the world to empower their constituents with an entrepreneurial mindset through professional development training, facilitator certification, and curriculum content. ELI is the creator of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs, experiential, problem-based learning programs designed to empower learners by exposing them to entrepreneurial thinking and process. Ice House has been featured at the United Nations General Assembly, National Public Radio, Inc. Magazine, CNN Money, and the Huffington Post. For more information about ELI, visit

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