60 Free Software Tools in 60 Minutes

During this webinar, discover free, but little-known, technology tools available for faculty, staff, administrators, and students to use for improving student engagement in the classroom, as well the workflow of everyday tasks. Participants leave with at least one tool they can immediately put to use. A total of 60 tools in the following categories will be presented to help increase engagement and efficiency across a variety of workflows:

  • Office productivity
  • Grammar
  • Survey instruments
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Video and presentation
  • Image and audio editors
  •  Content management systems
  • Plagiarism checkers
  • Communications tools
  • App development and creation
  • File conversion

…and more!

Robert McWilliamsCoordinator, Instructional Design, Bishop State Community College
Robert McWilliams has been involved with computers and counseling as it relates to the collegiate environment for over fifteen years. He has worked at several colleges as a Data Project Specialist, Adjunct Instructor, Network Administrator, and Undergraduate Advisor. Robert is an avid traveler, multi-instrumentalist, and recent author, and he has been featured on numerous television networks.

Please Note:

Only those attending the LIVE webinar will receive a certificate of attendance. Thank you!

Downloads: 60-Free-Software-Tools.pdf