Using Syllabus Management Technology to Keep Learning on Course

This webinar explores the benefits and impacts a syllabus management system had on Angelina College (AC), including consistency, compliance with mandates, and more. AC needed to implement a new syllabus management system that ensured syllabi and curriculum vitae were publicly available. AC implemented Concourse, a syllabus management system that allowed for a quick transition and satisfies state mandates. AC quickly found several features in Concourse that benefit the entire institution, including an LMS integration and reporting features that help keep documents and departments consistent. Learn how other community and technical colleges can use a syllabus management system to their benefit!

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants understand the ways in which technology-driven syllabus management ensures structure and consistency of course information within and across departments.
  2. Participants understand the necessity of organizational tools for reporting and accountability within the syllabus management process.
  3. Participants can evaluate whether a syllabus management platform can work for their institution based on Angelina College’s experiences.

Dr. Stacy Pfluger has a doctorate in education from Texas Tech University and a master’s in biology from the University of Notre Dame. She has served in various positions at Angelina College over the past 14 years, including biology instructor, Lead Biology Instructor, Associate Dean of Instruction for Science and Mathematics, and currently as the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs. She works with faculty across campus to ensure effective implementation of the assessment process and assists faculty in making data-driven decisions about their courses and programs. Dr. Pfluger led the institution’s transition to a syllabus management system and continues to support faculty and administrators using that system. Her current focus is on institutional assessment processes, curriculum design, and transfer pathways.

Please Note:

Only those attending the LIVE webinar will receive a certificate of attendance. Thank you!