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Not only a teacher but a wonderful mentor.

Written by Tiffany Bassett, Southern Crescent Technical College

There are very few times in my life, that I can say there has been someone that has stepped in and made a difference. Outside of my husband, kids, pastor, and my Lord Jesus Christ, I can say Mr. James Anderson has been one of those people.
I can say I have never met a teacher that took so much pride and joy in their work. Mr. Anderson always went out of his way to help myself and the class. He was a great teacher and wanted all his students to understand what he was teaching and made the class fun. He wants all of his students to succeed. If we struggled with a test, he would give us strategies for studying. He did whatever it took to help us. If you need help with signing up for classes, financial aid, or with anything for that matter, he would walk you over to the main building and walk you to any office you needed to go to. He would stay right there with you until you were comfortable and understood the material.
My personal experience with Mr. Anderson has given me so much respect for him not only as a teacher but a person who cares for others. I first had signed up for Phlebotomy. When things didn’t go according to my plan, he took his time out to help me. He helped me look at options that would fit the field I was wanting to pursue. He personally walked me over to the head of the medical assisting department. After we talked with her, he walked with me to the main office and helped me register for my new program. Mr. Anderson didn’t have to do that. He could have pointed me in the right direction and said there you go, but he isn’t that kind of person. He goes the extra mile and shows exceptional work ethic traits for his students to model. He not only did this for me, he does whatever he can for all. He truly cares about students. I appreciate all he has done for me. He is a GREAT teacher and wonderful mentor.
Tiffany Bassett

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