Entrepreneurial Mindset: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Advance Student Success

ELI-NISOD Webinar bannerEntrepreneurship is more than an academic discipline and reaches far beyond the concept of traditional business creation and small business management. Entrepreneurship is a mindset—a framework for thinking and acting that empowers individuals and organizations to succeed in the 21st Century. In today’s rapidly changing, highly-complex world, the need for entrepreneurial thinkers at all levels of society has never been greater. 

From preparing students to become workforce-ready graduates or next-generation innovators to elevating the entrepreneurial thinking of the existing workforce, an entrepreneurial mindset cultivates curiosity and creativity, critical thinking and complex problem solving, and collaboration—skills that drive individual and organizational success. Furthermore, an entrepreneurial mindset empowers academic leaders by exposing new opportunities, igniting ambition, and fostering innovation in highly ambiguous, resource-constrained environments while creating entrepreneurial learning environments in classrooms and across campus. 

During this webinar, participants learn how to: 

• Redefine entrepreneurship in a way that anyone can embrace no matter their chosen path; 
• Define the entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century; and 
• Share case studies of interdisciplinary adoptions of entrepreneurial mindset curriculum and the significant impact on student success. 

Rob Herndon, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, ELI 
Rob Herndon is responsible for client engagement, product development, thought-leadership, and training. His experience in leadership positions as an Air Force officer and in education at the university, community college, and high school levels brings a diverse perspective to The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI) audience. Rob recognizes the importance of education in lifting all members of society and finds power in the entrepreneurial mindset to change people’s lives for the better.

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