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“Since its establishment in 1928, Copiah-Lincoln Community College (Co-Lin) has been committed to providing quality education and support services to the students and communities we serve in our seven-county district. In serving an economically challenged rural population, affordability and access are vital for the success of our students. Copiah-Lincoln Community College offers a range of educational opportunities in academics, career and technical education, and workforce training needed to close the skills gap in rural Southwest Mississippi.”

Dr. Jane G. Hulon, President, Copiah-Lincoln Community College

Dr. Jane Hulon

Dr. Jane G. Hulon, President

Copiah-Lincoln Community College, MS | | Established 1928| Dr. Stephanie Duguid, NISOD Liaison

Member Spotlight Question and Answer 

When did Copiah-Lincoln Community College become a NISOD Member?
Copiah-Lincoln Community College became a NISOD member in 1996.

Why is Copiah-Lincoln Community College a NISOD Member?
It is important to connect with an organization that focuses on high-quality teaching and student success. We want to ensure we provide our faculty and staff with materials and resources that will help them grow professionally. 

Which NISOD benefits does Copiah-Lincoln Community College use the most and how?
Copiah-Lincoln Community College’s NISOD liaison forwards the weekly newsletter to all division chairs and vice presidents to share with faculty. Our faculty members enjoy reading  Innovation Abstracts and participating in NISOD’s webinars. We have also partnered with NISOD to co-host Regional Workshops that allow for our faculty and staff to attend great training on our campus.

Interesting News Happening at Copiah-Lincoln Community College

$6 Million Dollar Career-Technical Building Added at the Simpson County Center
The College is expanding with the addition of a new $6 million Career-Technical Building at the Simpson County Center. The 23,412 square foot building will house seven general classrooms, a computer lab, a science lab, five faculty offices, a faculty work- and breakroom, a health lab, an adult education classroom, and a welding lab. The new facility will be used to teach automation and control, welding, and early childhood programs.

Copiah-Lincoln Community College Awarded for Highest Graduation Rate for Student-Athletes
Copiah-Lincoln Community College won the David M. Halbrook Award for having the highest graduation rate for student-athletes among Mississippi’s Community Colleges during the past academic year. The Halbrook Award recognizes colleges and universities that maintain and achieve high academic standards for student-athletes, thus encouraging high graduation rates.

Pathway Partnership for Early Childhood Education
This unique partnership allows Copiah-Lincoln Community College students who complete their Associate in Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education Technology to take up to 30 academic hours on any Copiah-Lincoln Community College campus. Students then transfer to Mississippi University for Women (The W), which accepts up to 90 hours from Copiah-Lincoln Community College. Students complete the remaining course work to earn their bachelor’s degree online through The W.

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