Ensuring Equity and Success in Community Colleges: Using iClicker for Active Learning

Active learning transforms classrooms, giving every student a voice and helping improve course outcomes. Join Dr. Brandon Tenn, veteran student engagement expert and instructor at Merced College, to learn how implementing active learning techniques with iClicker can change your classroom dynamics for the better. Dr. Tenn shares his unique experience teaching at a community college and the specific active learning techniques he employs to help his students succeed.

Dr. Brandon Tenn teaches Chemistry and Math at Merced College, where he has facilitated many active learning workshops for his fellow faculty. He also served as a Community Editor for FlippedChemistry.com, and was the founding coordinator for three well-attended Active Learning Conferences for central California higher education faculty (ALC2018, ALC2019 & ALC2020). He received his undergraduate degrees in Math and Chemistry from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from UC Davis.

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