Providing Increased Access and Affordability for Students via “Inclusive Access”

Co-chairs of the Tarrant County College Inclusive Access Project, Dr. Mark McClendon and Dr. Tyson McMillan, discuss their affordability program called TCC Plus, which launched in Spring 2018. TCC Plus is student focused, faculty driven, and administrative supported. Dr. McClendon shares his perspective from the administrative seat and Dr. McMillan, as co-chair and a faculty member in the program, shares the impact he has seen in the classroom. The webinar facilitators take you through their journey to Inclusive Access, how they implemented the program, share results from the pilot, as well as how they plan to grow exponentially in the upcoming academic semesters.

*Inclusive Access is a partnership between the institution, publishers, and campus bookstore to provide digital course materials to students on or before the first day of class at below market rates.

Dr. Mark McClendon, Vice Chancellor, Finance, Tarrant County College District
Dr. Mark McClendon is the vice chancellor for finance for Tarrant County College District. In that role, Dr. McClendon is responsible for contracting and purchasing services and overseeing the college’s operating capital and financial services, material management, grants compliance, and auxiliary services. Dr. McClendon earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Arkansas. He holds an MBA from the University Chicago and an Ed.D. from Vanderbilt University Peabody School of Business. 

Dr. Tyson DeShaun McMillan, Faculty Advisor, Professor, Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus
Dr. Tyson Deshaun McMillan is a founding faculty member of the Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus. There, Dr. McMillan proudly serves as a tenured professor of computer science, department chair of computer science and information technology, and coordinator of the library technology program. In 2017, Dr. McMillan was appointed cohort coordinator for the National American University DFW Community College Leadership Doctoral Program. Dr. McMillan is a faculty advisor and has college teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. McMillan earned a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from West Texas A&M University and a master’s degree in information technologies and a Ph.D. in informational Science from the University of North Texas.

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