Building Interest, Agency, and Interaction in Online Learning Environments: A Toolkit for Superb Online Courses

Online learning allows for the flexible use of class-time for nontraditional students and telecommuting instructors while offering a way for colleges to expand their offerings without investing in brick-and-mortar classrooms. Online learning can also provide students with relevant technological skills while building important competencies such as self-learning, time management, research abilities, and academic writing skills. This webinar provides participants with the tools needed to construct online courses that build student agency and involvement, accommodate various learning styles, and provide support and encouragement to foster success. The framework provides the pedagogical rationale for each assignment, simple logistical and pragmatic considerations, content aimed at a variety of learning styles, and empowering students with a sense of personal efficacy. Specific methods for accomplishing these aims are discussed. The webinar facilitator has taught on-campus and online, including at state universities, technical colleges, and community colleges in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Rachel Austin, Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (NC)