Congratulations to the 2014 NISOD Excellence Awards Recipients

The deadline to submit Excellence Awards recipient names has now closed. (The deadline to submit was February 1, 2014.) Thank you to everyone who submitted Excellence Awards recipient names! If you missed the deadline, please contact Sheryl Powell.

Below is the current list of 2014 recipients (last updated on March 27, 2014).

College First Name Last Name
Alamo Colleges Adriana Contreras
Alamo Colleges Colin Nichols
Alamo Colleges Jo Tucker
Alamo Colleges Harold Whitis
Albany Technical College Kenneth Singleton
Algonquin College Steve Griffith
Algonquin College Sarah Hall
Algonquin College Kristen Hayes
Algonquin College Debbie Laut
Algonquin College Joe Mariani
Algonquin College Adriana Mello
Algonquin College Jessica Sauve-Griffin
Algonquin College Line Viau
Allegany College of Maryland Jenna Gallion
Allen County Community College Sharon Lawless
Arizona Western College Reetika Dhawan
Arizona Western College Liza Martinez
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Kathie Doole
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Jan King
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Nina Laferla
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Ellen Perry
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Adina Reilly
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College David Self
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Paula Trilling
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College Lisa York
Austin Community College Gustavo Cepparo
Austin Community College Laurie Clark
Austin Community College George Griffith
Austin Community College Gerald Hauck
Austin Community College Susan Polk
Austin Community College Luanne Preston
Austin Community College Andrew Saldaña
Austin Community College Paul Schliesing
Austin Community College Judy Scholl
Austin Community College Fred Toler
Bainbridge State College Sheila McLendon
Bainbridge State College Wesley Whitehead
Barton Community College David Barnes
Barton Community College Baudilio Hernandez
Bates Technical College Teri Amundsen
Bergen Community College Keith Chu
Bevill State Community College Laura Crosby
Bevill State Community College Kristie Ramsey
Bevill State Community College Sandy Short
Bevill State Community College David Umfress
Big Bend Community College Max Heinzmann
Big Bend Community College Rie Palkovic
Bladen Community College Felisa Williams
Blinn College Sarah Burke
Blinn College Frances Karels
Blinn College Michelle Marburger
Blinn College Robert Stanberry
Blinn College Richard Williamson
Blue Ridge Community College Linda Edwards
Bossier Parish Community College Laura Bryant
Bossier Parish Community College Jonathan Elmore
Bossier Parish Community College Peggy Fuller
Bossier Parish Community College Katie Jones
Bossier Parish Community College Richard Pool
Bossier Parish Community College Linda Sonnier
Bossier Parish Community College John Wagoner
Brazosport College Barry Foster
Brazosport College Susie Kalenda
Bristol Community College Deborah Dziedzic
Bristol Community College Jane Kitchen
Bristol Community College Deborah Lawton
Bristol Community College Rhonda Magnuski
Bristol Community College Diane Silvia
Bristol Community College Rolande Sullivan
Bristol Community College Beth Vezina
Bristol Community College Michael Vieira
Bristol Community College Phyllis Wentworth
Bristol Community College Donald Wood
Brookhaven College Lisa Devine
Brookhaven College Melinda Franklin
Brookhaven College Kathleen Long
Broward College Yaping Gao
Broward College David Serrano
Broward College Lynn Slossberg
Broward College Esmeralda Sweeney
Bunker Hill Community College Anne Brown
Bunker Hill Community College Liya Escalera
Bunker Hill Community College Kiruba Murugaiah
Bunker Hill Community College Wissal Nourchrif
Bunker Hill Community College Russell-Ann (Arlene) Vallie
Butler Community College Karen Waddell
Calhoun Community College David Ansardi
Calhoun Community College Mark Branon
Calhoun Community College James Duke
Calhoun Community College Ronnie Sims
Camosun College Tim Callin
Camosun College Shari Corrigan
Camosun College Olaf Nielsen
Camosun College Leigh Sunderland
Carteret Community College Nicole Thompson
Casper College Brandi Atnip
Casper College Jonathan (Jon) Blesi
Casper College William (Bill) Conte
Casper College Jessica Hurless
Casper College Lance Jones
Casper College Karel Mathisen
Casper College Angel Sharman
Cedar Valley College SaRita Stewart
Central Arizona College Kristen Benedict
Central Arizona College Derrick Span
Central Piedmont Community College Carolyn Jacobs
Central Piedmont Community College Jill Taylor
Centralia College Joan Meister
Centralia College Sharon Mitchler
Centralia College Bonnie Myer
Centralia College Cal Taylor
Cloud County Community College Jamie Durler
Cloud County Community College Todd Leif
Cloud County Community College Cathy Troupe
Clover Park Technical College Maureen Sparks
Clovis Community College Apryl Nenortas
Clovis Community College Gayle Richerson
Clovis Community College Raymond Walker
Clovis Community College Christine Williamson
Cochise College Christina Charters
College of Lake County Bob Dodd
College of Lake County Martha Lally
College of Lake County John Tenuto
College of Southern Idaho Evin Fox
College of Southern Idaho Tracey Meyerhoeffer
College of Southern Maryland Linda Fitzgerald
College of Southern Maryland Leah Geiger
College of Southern Maryland Wayne Karlin
College of Southern Maryland Mary Beth Klinger
College of Southern Nevada John Aliano
College of Southern Nevada Ron Barakat
College of Southern Nevada Conni Jo Casey-Harris
College of Southern Nevada Anita Del Corio
College of Southern Nevada Chieko Fukushima
College of Southern Nevada Nicholas Holman
College of Southern Nevada Jennifer Huss Basquiat
College of Southern Nevada Shellie Keller
College of Southern Nevada Seanna Larson
College of Southern Nevada Dick McGee
College of Southern Nevada Mark Peplowski
College of Southern Nevada Gillian Silver-Rodis
Columbia Basin College Melissa DeHaan
Columbia Basin College Kristy Henscheid
Columbia Basin College Joyce Oates
Columbia State Community College Barbara Blum
Columbia State Community College Glenn Hudson
Columbia State Community College Helen McGrew
Columbus State Community College Beth Barnett
Columbus State Community College Rick Bartlett
Columbus State Community College Eric Kenz
Columbus State Community College Fauna Stout
Community College of Allegheny County Scott Cornish
Community College of Allegheny County Ebony English
Community College of Allegheny County John Ginther
Community College of Allegheny County Srujana Kanjula
Community College of Allegheny County Patricia Patterson
Community College of Allegheny County Patricia Paul
Community College of Allegheny County Rebecca Shaheen
Community College of Allegheny County Bruce Turchetta
Community College of Beaver County Katie Thomas
Community College of Rhode Island Anthony Basilico
Community College of Rhode Island James Glickman
Community College of Rhode Island Maddie Josephs
Confederation College Joan Dykes
Confederation College Diane Genereux
Confederation College Karen Kemp
Confederation College Dayna Trush
Corning Community College Walter Smith
County College of Morris Roberta Bibeault
County College of Morris Kathleen Prokop
County College of Morris Stuart Siegelman
County College of Morris John Williford
Danville Area Community College Nicole Dye
Darton State College Frances Carr
Darton State College Sarah Kuck
Darton State College Renita Luck
Darton State College Alan Wilson
Davidson County Community College Julie Grimes
Daytona State College Rebecca Block
Daytona State College Jessica Kester
Daytona State College Joy Lewis
Delgado Community College Amanda Brammer
Delgado Community College Marilyn Ciolino
Delgado Community College Janet Colletti
Delgado Community College Mary Dawes
Delgado Community College Jeanne Gagliano
Delgado Community College Kim Gatzke
Delgado Community College Daryl Hippensteel
Delgado Community College Jacqueline Jones
Delgado Community College Larisia Jones
Delgado Community College Leslie Knowles
Delgado Community College Jill Lambert
Delgado Community College Lynn Lowery
Delgado Community College Wendy Rihner
Delgado Community College Amanda Rosenzweig
Delgado Community College Theodore Walley
Delgado Community College Robin Wegener
Doña Ana Community College Joseph Angelo
Doña Ana Community College Timothy Chappell
Dyersburg State Community College Julie Frazier
Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Dallas Pollei
Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Kathy Wells
Eastfield College Heidi Bassett
Eastfield College Cindy Castañeda
Eastfield College Florence Cox
Eastfield College Courtney Carter Harbour
Eastfield College Tania Marin
Eastfield College Jeff Quan
Eastfield College Marilyn Turner
Edison State College Debra Kelly
Edison State College Dana Roes
El Centro College Cassandra Bowell
El Centro College Elizabeth Flash
El Centro College Iris Freemon
El Centro College Rita Hines
El Centro College Karen Stills
El Paso Community College Kenneth Gorski
El Paso Community College Paula Mitchell
El Paso Community College Margie Nelson Rodriguez
El Paso Community College Grace Vaughn
El Paso Community College Barbara Yancy-Tooks
Elgin Community College Lauren Anderko
Elgin Community College Michele Brynelsen
Elgin Community College Sally Guy
Elgin Community College Clark Hallpike
Elgin Community College Colleen Stribling
Elgin Community College David Zacker
Erie Community College Jason Januszkiewicz
Erie Community College Denise Prince
Erie Community College Diane Zych
Estrella Mountain Community College Laura Dulgar
Estrella Mountain Community College Randy McElroy
Estrella Mountain Community College Debra Sheldon
Florida Gateway College Terry Auger
Florida Gateway College Timothy Moses
Florida Gateway College John Piersol
Forsyth Technical Community College Heather Azzu
Forsyth Technical Community College James Timothy Cannon
Frederick Community College Kate Kramer-Jefferson
Frederick Community College Kathryn Manwiller
Frederick Community College Sue Norton
Frederick Community College Corwin Parker
Frederick Community College Katie Reed
Frederick Community College Jeanni Winston-Muir
Gadsden State Community College Stewart Davis
Gadsden State Community College David Murdock
Gadsden State Community College Gary Udaka
Galveston College Leslie Braniger
Galveston College Paul Mendoza
Gaston College Jamie Conrad
Gaston College Carol Faust
Gateway Technical College Soheila Brouk
Gateway Technical College Michael Du Prey
Gateway Technical College Raul Terriquez
Genesee Community College Christopher Banks
Genesee Community College Raymond Boucher
Genesee Community College Peter Fedorchuk
Genesee Community College Donald Griffing
Genesee Community College Mary Vanderzell
Georgia Perimeter College James Guinn
Georgia Perimeter College Mary Helen O'Connor
Georgia Perimeter College Slava Prudchenko
Georgia Piedmont Technical College Kelly Pollard
Georgia Piedmont Technical College Kristen Westrick
Greenville Technical College Glenn Galloway
Greenville Technical College Julian Nixon
Greenville Technical College Alan Scheidhauer
Greenville Technical College Elizabeth Tipping
Guilford Technical Community College William Lanning
Guilford Technical Community College Michele Prairie
Guilford Technical Community College Thomas Roever
Guilford Technical Community College Jacqueline Simpson
Guilford Technical Community College Thomas Steadman
Halifax Community College John Bennett
Halifax Community College Tina Curry
Halifax Community College Sherida Gholston
Halifax Community College Jennifer Jones
Halifax Community College Shawn Rudd
Halifax Community College Mark Stewart
Halifax Community College Melanie Temple
Halifax Community College Charles Wilkinson
Harford Community College Bill Elliott
Harford Community College Theresa Libershall
Harford Community College Wendy Rappazzo
Harford Community College Fary Sami
Harford Community College Jennie Towner
Harrisburg Area Community College Christine Bachman
Harrisburg Area Community College Jason Beaudin
Harrisburg Area Community College Kelly Matthews
Harrisburg Area Community College Jennifer St. Pierre
Hazard Community and Technical College Kimberly Cunagin
Hazard Community and Technical College Ralph Kidd
Hazard Community and Technical College Keila Miller
Highline Community College Laura Manning
Hill College Tom Sale
Hill College Richard Sellers
Hillsborough Community College David Carson
Hillsborough Community College Suzy DeVore
Hillsborough Community College Mustapha Lahrach
Hillsborough Community College Dana Livesay
Houston Community College Abass Alamnehe
Houston Community College Bindu Chakravarty
Houston Community College Rosalyn Crain
Houston Community College Helen Jackson Graham
Houston Community College Mary Luckett
Houston Community College Christiane Moore
Hudson County Community College Constance Calandrino
Hudson County Community College Joseph Caniglia
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning Chandra Hodgson
Illinois Central College Shari Dinkins
Illinois Central College Judy Huff
Illinois Central College Terri Ingles
Illinois Central College Cathleen Korondi
Illinois Central College Abigail Reel
Indian River State College Kevin Cooper
Ivy Tech Community College–Central Indiana Jessica Metz
Ivy Tech Community College–Central Indiana Sheila Prine
Ivy Tech Community College–Central Indiana Cynthia Porter Rickert
Ivy Tech Community College–Central Indiana Jason Roth
Ivy Tech Community College–Central Indiana Michael Slocum
Ivy Tech Community College–Central Indiana Laura Warner
Ivy Tech Community College–Lafayette Massimiliano Giorgini
Ivy Tech Community College–Southwest Scott O'Daniel
Ivy Tech Community College–Wabash Valley Region Pam Passen
Jefferson Community and Technical College Shawna Anderson
Jefferson Community and Technical College Meg Matheny
Jefferson Community and Technical College Margot McGowen
Johnson County Community College Jeffery Lewis
Johnson County Community College Phil Wegman
Johnson County Community College Christina Wolff
Joliet Junior College Timothy Bucci
Joliet Junior College Kristin Ciesemier
Joliet Junior College Kyle Richardson
Joliet Junior College Vivian Van Donk
Kilgore College Paul Buchanan
Kilgore College Michele Daniels
Kilgore College Lori Truman
Kilgore College Paul Wills
Kodiak College Barbara Bolson
Kodiak College Nancy Castro
Kodiak College Heather Corriere
Kodiak College Bobbi Farfalla-Ivanoff
Kodiak College Jai Nan Fiala
Kodiak College Kathrynn Hollis-Buchanan
Kodiak College Jennifer Myrick-Pedersen
Lake-Sumter State College Cynthia Griffin
Lake-Sumter State College Omayra Pearson
Lake-Sumter State College Odalys Simmons
Lamar Institute of Technology Joy Griffin
Lamar Institute of Technology Christie Hale
Lamar Institute of Technology Angela Hill
Lamar Institute of Technology Richard McAnally
Lamar Institute of Technology Emily Rueda
Laredo Community College Mary Bausman
Laredo Community College Carolyn Schmies
Lee College Maria Garcia
Lee College Jennifer Herzberg
Lee College Sidney King
Lee College Robert Vann
Lehigh Carbon Community College Saskia Windig
Lethbridge College William Anderson
Lethbridge College Kirsten Fantazir
Lincoln Land Community College Michelle Coakes
Lincoln Land Community College Debra Krueger
Lone Star College System Christine Bradford
Lone Star College System John Burghduff
Lone Star College System David Dahnke
Lone Star College System Martha Donnelly
Lone Star College System Norma Drepaul
Lone Star College System Fay Lee
Lone Star College System Robert Locander
Lone Star College System Marvin Lowery
Lone Star College System Mari-Carmen Marin
Lone Star College System Michael McFarland
Lone Star College System Sharon Miller
Lone Star College System Shawn Miller
Lone Star College System Greg Oaks
Lone Star College System Lori Richter
Lone Star College System Thomas Rogers
Lone Star College System John Rollins
Lone Star College System Pamela Womack
Lone Star College–Kingwood Mari Peddycoart
Lone Star College–Kingwood John Theis
Lone Star College–Kingwood Loris Zucca
Lone Star College–Montgomery Anitha Iyer
Lone Star College–Montgomery Juan Lebron
Lone Star College–Montgomery David Quarles
Lone Star College–Montgomery Amy Roberson
Long Beach City College John Downey
Lorain County Community College Daniel Cleary
Lorain County Community College Patricia Schrull
Luzerne County Community College Deborah Boyson
Luzerne County Community College Mark Choman
Luzerne County Community College Valerie McCreary
Luzerne County Community College Sandra Nicholas
Macomb Community College Patricia Dolengowski
Macomb Community College Gordon Lee
Macomb Community College Elton Weintz
Madison College Kathy Jochman
Madison College Michael Meloy
Madison College Colette Sisco
Manchester Community College Brian Cleary
Manchester Community College Philip Jones
Maricopa Community Colleges Jennifer Bohart
Maricopa Community Colleges Ryan Chase
Maricopa Community Colleges Phil Clark
Maricopa Community Colleges Lanna Dueck
Maricopa Community Colleges Donna Gaudet
Maricopa Community Colleges Carol Jenkins
Maricopa Community Colleges Ladonna Lewis
Maricopa Community Colleges Bill Meacham
Maricopa Community Colleges Dan Nearing
Maricopa Community Colleges Roberto Ribas
Maricopa Community Colleges Jennifer Shantz
Maricopa Community Colleges Amy Volpe
Maricopa Community Colleges Julie Waskow
McHenry County College Robin Deak
McHenry County College Kathy Hayhurst
McHenry County College L. Missy Spengel
McHenry County College Shiela Venkataswamy
McLennan Community College April Andreas
McLennan Community College Becky Griffin
McLennan Community College Harry Powell
McLennan Community College Holly Surginer
Meridian Community College Kimberly Ennis
Metropolitan Community College Darin Jensen
Metropolitan Community College Thomas McDowell
Metropolitan Community College Kathy Rieken Gutshall
Metropolitan Community College Ted Tucker
Mid-Plains Community College Marina Makovicka
Mid-Plains Community College Becky Meyers
Mid-South Community College James Cook
Mid-South Community College Ellie Selden
Middlesex Community College Nancy Curll
Middlesex Community College Maryanne Mungovan
Middlesex Community College Karen Oster
Middlesex Community College Marie Ryder
Minnesota State Community and Technical College Roberta Freeman
Minnesota State Community and Technical College Loren Haagenson
Montgomery College Emily Ackerman
Montgomery College Edwin Ahlstrom
Montgomery College Mark Alves
Montgomery College Lisa Burl
Montgomery College Estelle Flank
Montgomery College Evelyn Gonzalez-Mills
Montgomery College Tacy Holliday
Montgomery College Ann Johnson
Montgomery College Farajolloh Katiraie
Montgomery College Bruce Madariaga
Montgomery College Scott Magnotta
Montgomery College Denise Matheny
Montgomery College Gaye Meyer
Montgomery College Urvashi Mistry
Montgomery College Mary Pedigo
Montgomery College Jennifer Polm
Montgomery College Ken Yatta Rogers
Montgomery College Katherine Smith
Montgomery College Gregory Wahl
Montgomery College Mary-Paula Walsh
Montgomery College Harold Williams
Montgomery College William Witte
Montgomery College Elizabeth Diane Woods
Montgomery College Harry Zarin
Motlow College Chad Brown
Motlow College Linda Harris-Young
Nash Community College Keshia Battle
Nash Community College Donna Brantley
Nash Community College Reuben Crumpton
Nash Community College Kelley Deal
Nash Community College Kara Deans
Nash Community College Trent Mohrbutter
Nash Community College Diane Pulley
Nash Community College Jonathan Vester
Nash Community College Nancy Worsinger
Naugatuck Valley Community College Nancy Esposito
Naugatuck Valley Community College Kathryn Jackman-Murphy
Naugatuck Valley Community College Ursula Mobilio
Naugatuck Valley Community College Cynthia Nackid
Naugatuck Valley Community College Steven Parlato
Naugatuck Valley Community College Eleni Saltourides
Naugatuck Valley Community College Narendra Sharma
Naugatuck Valley Community College Angela Tiru
Naugatuck Valley Community College Myrna Watanabe
Naugatuck Valley Community College Jianyu Zheng
Naugatuck Valley Community College Janet Zupkus
New Mexico Junior College Terry Holloman
New Mexico Junior College Roene Neu
New Mexico State University-Alamogordo Michael Furphy
New Mexico State University-Alamogordo Juan Garcia
New Mexico State University-Carlsbad Felecia Cantwell
North Central Missouri College Sarah Bird
North Hennepin Community College Anna Kniebel
North Island College Pat Corbett-Labatt
North Island College Laurie Fisher
North Island College Diane Newman
North Lake College Jodi Acker
North Lake College Gabriel Bach
North Lake College Marie Kohrmann
North Lake College Katherine Villarreal
North Shore Community College Lisa Altomari
North Shore Community College Patricia McManus
North Shore Community College Marybeth Nelson
North Shore Community College Cynthia O'Donnell
Northeast Iowa Community College Rebecca Kamm
Northeast Iowa Community College Amy Rausch
Northeast Lakeview College Jin Ha
Northeast Lakeview College Laura Houston
Northeast Lakeview College Martha Trevino
Northeast Lakeview College Crystal Willis-Cortinas
Northern Essex Community College Paul Cavan
Northern Essex Community College Stephen Mathis
Northern Essex Community College Patricia Morrow
Northern Essex Community College Marcy Yeager
Northern Oklahoma College Jerry Hawkins
Northern Oklahoma College Christi Hook
Northern Oklahoma College Sarah Olson
Northern Oklahoma College Judith Whitmore
Northern Virginia Community College Michael Amey
Northern Virginia Community College Robert Bausch
Northern Virginia Community College Woodnard Givens
Northern Virginia Community College Shelley Jaye
Northern Virginia Community College Stephanie Sareeram
Northern Virginia Community College DeQuan Smith
Northern Virginia Community College Jarrod Waetjen
Northern Wyoming Community College District Travis Grubb
Northern Wyoming Community College District Rachel Kristiansen
Northwest Vista College Ashley McGee
Northwest Vista College Juan Silva
Northwest Vista College Brian Stout
Northwest Vista College Melissa Wright
Northwestern Michigan College Judy Chu
Northwestern Michigan College Janet Lively
Northwestern Michigan College Melisa McCormick
Northwestern Michigan College Nicholas Roster
Northwestern Michigan College Megan Ward
Norwalk Community College Rosalia Geloso Barone
Norwalk Community College Paul Gallo
Oklahoma City Community College Randy Anderson
Oklahoma City Community College Kristy Bailey
Oklahoma City Community College Angela Cotner
Oklahoma City Community College Albert Heitkamper
Oklahoma City Community College Jenean Jones
Oklahoma City Community College Cindy Milam
Oklahoma City Community College Christopher Oehrlein
Oklahoma City Community College J. M'Lou Smith
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee Ron L'Heureux
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology-Okmulgee Mark Rodriguez
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City John Chambers
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Kyle Cohlmia
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Pam Crabtree
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Brit Foster
Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Nichole Jackson
Ozarks Technical Community College Deborah Thompson
Palm Beach State College Tracy Ciucci
Palm Beach State College Paul Friedman
Palo Alto College Carol Christopher
Palo Alto College Leandro Esparza
Palo Alto College Ramon Hernandez
Palo Alto College Mary Ellen Jacobs
Palo Alto College Stamatis Muratidis
Palo Alto College Cynthia Sanchez
Palo Alto College Alexander Segura
Palo Alto College Chad Stranahan
Palo Alto College Michael Ximenez
Parkland College Peggy Boyce
Pasco-Hernando State College Rene Brioso
Pasco-Hernando State College Shirley Cherry
Pasco-Hernando State College Patricia Garcia
Pasco-Hernando State College Burton Harres, Jr.
Pensacola State College Cynthia App
Pensacola State College Amber Carey
Pensacola State College Tim Hathway
Pensacola State College Kristen Regan
Pensacola State College Chad Smudde
Pensacola State College Paula Work
Phoenix College Salina Bednarek
Phoenix College Matilda Chavez
Phoenix College Victor Cornell
Phoenix College Maria Enciso
Phoenix College Marian Gibney
Phoenix College Deb Kappes
Phoenix College Bret Little
Phoenix College Amy Marin
Phoenix College Christine Moore
Phoenix College Ann Roselle
Piedmont Technical College Lisa Martin
Pierce College District Beth Stevens
Pierce College District Curt Warmington
Pierpont Community and Technical College Leslie Lovett
Pierpont Community and Technical College Rachel Plybon-Beach
Pikes Peak Community College Ruth-Ann Larish
Pima Community College Kevin Milton
Polk State College Kaye Betz
Polk State College Shannon Ryals
Quinsigamond Community College Amarildo Barbosa
Quinsigamond Community College Lisa Cook
Quinsigamond Community College Maggie Crowell-Murray
Quinsigamond Community College Robert Desilets
Quinsigamond Community College Sheiba Mas-oud
Quinsigamond Community College Kirsten Patey-Hurd
Quinsigamond Community College Linda Stake
Quinsigamond Community College Martha Upton
Quinsigamond Community College Kenneth Wong
Rappahannock Community College Robert Parker
Richland College Barbara Branum
Richland College NeKeith Brown
Richland College Eleanor Browne
Richland College Michael Crawford
Richland College Saeid Darabadey
Richland College Patricia Ellens
Richland College Thales Georgiou
Richland College Jaime Hurtado
Richland College Chip Izard
Richland College Gary  John
Richland College Donny Le
Richland College Yolanda Manzano
Richland College Jerry Matlock
Richland College Gayle McAlister
Richland College Scot McClain
Richland College Judi Nam
Richland College Lois Parrott
Richland College Sam Tinsley
Richland College Angie Whitney
Richland College Kimberly  Wilkins
Riverland Community College Heidi Schara
Riverland Community College Sandra Sellner-Wee
Roane State Community College Lon Bird
Roane State Community College Rebecca Calfee
Roane State Community College Casey Cobb
Roane State Community College Claudia Cummings
Roane State Community College Jala Daniel
Rochester Community and Technical College David Atwood
Rochester Community and Technical College Michelle Cochran
SAIT Polytechnic Wade Anderson
SAIT Polytechnic Mike Harcourt
SAIT Polytechnic Heather Kuryk
SAIT Polytechnic Philip Letourneau
SAIT Polytechnic Laura McIntyre
SAIT Polytechnic Matthew Paisley
SAIT Polytechnic Karen Riley
SAIT Polytechnic Rolf Runkel
SAIT Polytechnic Carlo Velcic
San Antonio College Thomas Cox
San Antonio College Michele Gaston
San Antonio College Gwyn Hagenbuch
San Antonio College Casey Lechuga
San Antonio College Tammy Perez
San Antonio College Vanessa Torres
Santa Rosa Junior College Dean Gooch
Santa Rosa Junior College Lenny Wagner
Schoolcraft College Paul Holody
Schoolcraft College Andrea Nofz
Selkirk College Michael Konkin
Selkirk College Elizabeth Lund
Selkirk College Rob Schwarzer
Selkirk College Joan Silvey
Selkirk College Rita Williams
Seminole State College of Florida Laura Dickinson
Seminole State College of Florida Eden Donahou
Seminole State College of Florida Ellen Orr
Seminole State College of Florida Thomas Walker
Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Terri Barnes
Seward County Community College/Area Technical School Steve Wiens
Shelton State Community College Shannon Chandler
Shelton State Community College Renna Clements
Shelton State Community College Scheree Datcher
Shelton State Community College Rhonda Smith
South Arkansas Community College Jennifer Parks
South Florida State College Kimberly Batty-Herbert
South Florida State College Lorinda Shumard
South Mountain Community College Stephen Hustedde
South Mountain Community College Allison Parker
South Mountain Community College Dawn Penich-Thacker
South Seattle Community College Jill McDonough
South Seattle Community College Liz Strongman
South Texas College Lydia Bean
South Texas College Crystal Bird
South Texas College Esperanza Brattin
South Texas College Angelica Cerda
South Texas College Francisco Gomez
South Texas College Roberto Gonzalez
South Texas College Josephy Haske
South Texas College Janene Israel
South Texas College Annie Liss
South Texas College Adolfo Lozano
South Texas College Daniel Morales
South Texas College Howard Price
South Texas College Ana Riojas
South Texas College Florinda Rodriguez
South Texas College Roger Rodriguez
South Texas College Ana Valladarez
South Texas College Liza Veliz
Southwest Texas Junior College Jan Burchfield
Southwest Texas Junior College Jesus Suarez
Southwest Virginia Community College Myrl Allen
Southwest Virginia Community College Kimberly Austin
Southwest Virginia Community College Dionne Cook
Southwest Virginia Community College Brian Hale
Southwest Virginia Community College Melissa Stiltner
Southwest Virginia Community College Kevin Stilwell
St. Clair County Community College Julie Armstrong
St. Clair County Community College Lawrence Mavis
St. Clair County Community College Cynthia Wade
St. Philip's College Paul Borrego
St. Philip's College Cynthia Cortez
St. Philip's College Sharon Crockett-Bell
St. Philip's College Ricardo Lopez
St. Philip's College Terri Murphy-Sanchez
St. Philip's College Kelli Wilder
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Karen Armstrong
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Karen Kester
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Debra Marr
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Diane McGrath
State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Jane Pfeilsticker
Sussex County Community College Peter Bilby
Sussex County Community College Robert Reeber
Tallahassee Community College Bill Bierbaum
Tallahassee Community College Jennifer Bradley
Tallahassee Community College Stephanie Breedlove
Tallahassee Community College Carol Chenoweth
Tallahassee Community College Brian Kupfer
Tallahassee Community College Patrick McDermott
Tarrant County College District Kristin Byrd
Tarrant County College District Vicky Gatewood
Tarrant County College District Ruthann Geer
Tarrant County College District Thomas Hart
Tarrant County College District Shelli Hull
Tarrant County College District Carol Hunsberger
Tarrant County College District Nancy Kupper
Tarrant County College District Nancy McKenzie
Tarrant County College District Ludwig Otto
Tarrant County College District Jamie Perrin
Tarrant County College District Karen Silverberg
Tarrant County College District Jaye Simpson
Tarrant County College District TaMika Steward
Tarrant County College District Chad Wooley
Tarrant County College District Jason Wooten
Temple College R. Craig Collins
Temple College Joanna Scott
Temple College John Stevens
Texarkana College Ronda Dozier
Texarkana College Phyllis Gardner
Texas State Technical College Ruben Abarca
Texas State Technical College Jay Burks
Texas State Technical College Melissa Curtis
Texas State Technical College Sharon Farias
Texas State Technical College Ray Fried
Texas State Technical College Paul Garcia
Texas State Technical College Randy Haley
Texas State Technical College Mayra Juarez
Texas State Technical College Jean Lashbrook
Texas State Technical College Marlene McMichael
Texas State Technical College Angel Newhart
Texas State Technical College Edgar Padilla
Texas State Technical College Mark Schneider
Texas State Technical College Susan Stone
Three Rivers Community College Greg Hicks
Triton College Jim Coates
Triton College Paul Jensen
Triton College Peggy Murnighan
Triton College BriAnne Nichols
Triton College Mary Ann Olson
Triton College Pat Zinga
Truckee Meadows Community College Scott Allen
Truckee Meadows Community College Cathy Brewster
Truckee Meadows Community College Christopher Dudash
Truckee Meadows Community College Estela Levario-Gutierrez
Truckee Meadows Community College Molly Lingenfelter
Truckee Meadows Community College Marie Murgolo-Poore
Truckee Meadows Community College Jim New
Truckee Meadows Community College Kelly Oswald
Tyler Junior College Karen Cooper
Tyler Junior College David Funk
Tyler Junior College Cynthia Gaddis
Tyler Junior College Jonathan Groth
Tyler Junior College Janet Haley
Tyler Junior College Carrie Hobbs
Tyler Junior College Charlotte Latham
Tyler Junior College Jenelle Reynolds
Tyler Junior College Melanie Ward
Tyler Junior College Torrey Wylie
University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville Lori Bell
University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville Shelly Wooldridge
University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Kaye Cheatham
University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Laura Clark
Valencia College David Brunick
Valencia College Marcelle Cohen
Valencia College Deb Hall
Valencia College Celeste Henry
Valencia College Adrienne Mathews
Valencia College Ali Notash
Valencia College Cathy Penfold Navarro
Valencia College Yasmeen Qadri
Valencia College Cheryl Robinson
Valencia College Brenda Schumpert
Valencia College Irina Struganoga
Vance-Granville Community College Melissa Ayscue
Vance-Granville Community College Ross Ragonese
Vernon College Dona Crow
Vernon College JoAnn Sharp
Vernon College Paula Whitman
Wake Tech Community College Heather Berry
Wake Tech Community College Thomas Byrnes
Wake Tech Community College Chris James
Wake Tech Community College Meghan McIntyre
Wake Tech Community College Dale O'Neal
Wake Tech Community College Jacqueline Popp
Wake Tech Community College Michael Storey
Wallace State Community College–Hanceville Jennifer Dunkle
Wallace State Community College–Hanceville Terri McGriff-Waldrop
Waubonsee Community College Richard Kiefer
Waukesha County Technical College Judy King
Waukesha County Technical College Angela Lee
Wayne County Community College District Bhahwatash Bagchi
Wayne County Community College District Rahmatollah Golshen
Wayne County Community College District Richard Sietz
Western Iowa Tech Community College Rod Herron
Western Iowa Tech Community College Jennifer McCune
Western Iowa Tech Community College Sandra Mueller
Western Iowa Tech Community College Frank O'Neill
Westmoreland County Community College Mary Kay Huesdash
Wharton County Junior College Dana Bramble
Wharton County Junior College Jacqueline Kuehn
Wharton County Junior College Jimidene Murphey
Wharton County Junior College Dale Neaderhouser
Wharton County Junior College Elizabeth Rexford
Wharton County Junior College Donna Schilling
Wharton County Junior College Deborah Yancey
Yavapai College Justin Brereton
Yavapai College Tania Sheldahl
Yavapai College Suzanne Waldenberger
York Technical College Michele Wells
Zane State College Elizabeth Kline
Zane State College Melissa Mummey-Lyons

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