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NISOD’s events ensure that you’re continually up to date about the latest practices, principles, and technologies designed to improve teaching, learning, and leadership, with the ultimate goal being to increase student success. Click an event title to view more details.

September 26, 2022WebinarImplementing Student Experience Project (SEP) Strategies to Build Equitable Learning EnvironmentsZoom
October 3, 2022WebinarIntegrating Student "Experience Points" for Classroom ManagementZoom
October 6, 2022Virtual WorkshopWhen Mindfulness Meets the Classroom
 Module 1-October 6
 Module 2-October 7
October 10, 2022WebinarA Beginner's Guide to a College-wide OER Implementation Zoom
October 11, 2022Connections And ConversationsConnections and Conversations Oct 2022 MeetingZoom
October 13, 2022Virtual WorkshopWhat’s the Secret to Creating Classroom Discussions That Work?
 Module 1-October 13
 Module 2-October 14
October 19, 2022Virtual Conference2022 Annual Fall Virtual Conference Zoom
November 3, 2022Virtual WorkshopRelationships Matter
 Module 1-November 3
 Module 2-November 4
November 7, 2022WebinarStudent Reports as Effective Formative Assessment Tools Zoom
November 8, 2022Connections And ConversationsConnections and Conversations Nov 2022 MeetingZoom
November 17, 2022WebinarAddressing Time Management as an Emotional Management Tool in Student SuccessZoom
December 1, 2022WebinarWhy Should I Network When I Already Have a Job?Zoom
December 1, 2022Virtual WorkshopTeaching Critical Thinking and Rationality in Science and Math Courses
 Module 1-December 1
 Module 2-December 2
December 6, 2022Connections And ConversationsConnections and Conversations Dec 2022 MeetingZoom
December 8, 2022WebinarCreating Inclusive Virtual Learning Environments for Deaf StudentsZoom
January 12, 2023WebinarEmbracing the Issues of a Typical Student to Create a Welcoming ClassroomZoom
January 19, 2023WebinarFirst, Do No Harm: Equitable Grading Practices That Support MasteryZoom
February 13, 2023WebinarLGBTQ+ Allyship in the ClassroomZoom
February 23, 2023WebinarThinkers, Feelers, Introverts, Extraverts: Understanding and Communicating Better With Your StudentsZoom
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