Upcoming Events

NISOD’s events ensure that you’re continually up to date about the latest practices, principles, and technologies designed to improve teaching, learning, and leadership, with the ultimate goal being to increase student success. Click an event title to view more details.

May 5, 2021WebinarAffordable Professional Development for Your Faculty and StaffZoom
May 6, 2021WebinarEngaging Learners Through Creative AssessmentsZoom
May 14, 2021Virtual WorkshopExercise Toolkit for Virtual Interactive Teaching and Learning
 Module 1-May 14
 Module 2-May 21
May 18, 2021WebinarHow to Boost Your Financial and Physical Wellness: The Parallels Between Money and FitnessZoom
May 28, 2021Virtual WorkshopEmotional Intelligence, Student Efficacy, and the Growth Mindset
 Module 1-May 28
 Module 2-June 4
May 28, 2021Virtual WorkshopNo More Boring Online Classes: Creating Exciting, Engaging, and Effective Live Sessions
 Module 1-May 28
 Module 2-June 4
 Module 3-June 11
June 17, 2021WebinarWhat Everyone Needs to Know About Professor Flexibility, Philosophy, and Student CompletionZoom
June 18, 2021Virtual WorkshopAddressing Faculty Anxiety
 Module 1-June 18
 Module 2-June 25
June 29, 2021WebinarIt’s All in Your Head: Psychology, Money, and the Economies of Our Lives Zoom
July 9, 2021Virtual WorkshopTeaching Critical Thinking Online
 Module 1-July 9
 Module 2-July 26
July 23, 2021Virtual WorkshopThe Hidden Learning Disability of Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma: Science and Strategies for Improved LearningZoom
August 5, 2021Virtual WorkshopMultiple Pathways to the Student Brain: Science and Strategies to Energize and Enhance Instruction
 Module 1-August 5
 Module 2-August 12
August 6, 2021Virtual WorkshopEmergence, Not Exhaustion: Sustainable Teaching in Online Environments
 Module 1-August 6
 Module 2-August 13
August 10, 2021WebinarFinance for Females Zoom
September 21, 2021WebinarShutdowns, Snowballs, and Sages Zoom
November 2, 2021WebinarI’ve Got a Retirement Saving Tool for You: The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Zoom
December 14, 2021WebinarTwo Things Are Certain in This World: Today We Are Going to Discuss One ~ Taxes!Zoom
January 25, 2022WebinarFinancing the College Experience Zoom
March 8, 2022WebinarA Guide to Teaching Financial ResponsibilityZoom
April 19, 2022WebinarPlan for the Future: How an Estate Plan Puts You in Control Zoom
May 31, 2022WebinarPlan for Your-Future: Your Social Security BenefitsZoom
July 12, 2022WebinarInsurance, Insurance, EverywhereZoom, Austin, TX
August 23, 2022WebinarInvesting: Getting Started, Keeping it Going, Cashing InZoom