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CE21 Membership and Learning Management System

NISOD is excited to announce the rollout of a new membership and learning management system called CE21. CE21 will house learning experiences like our webinars, offer learners credentialing options post-experience, and keep a record of your professional development. In addition, CE21 will serve as a hub for your college’s membership information and renewal. Read below for more information.

We intend for this process to be as smooth as possible. Thank you for your patience as we implement this exciting new offering! If you run into any issues or have questions, please email sophie@nisod.org for assistance.

What is CE21 and why is NISOD adopting it? 

CE21 is a membership and learning management system. NISOD is adopting it to provide a hub for membership information and renewal. In addition, CE21 provides the framework for NISOD to offer learning experiences with credentialing options like Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Members will easily be able to see details about their institution’s membership, renew membership, register for and participate in learning experiences, earn credentials, and have individual records of professional development.  

What will CE21 help me to do as a NISOD member?  

As a NISOD member, you can see information about your institution’s NISOD membership. You can maintain a personal profile under your institution’s membership. CE21 also contains a catalog of available NISOD learning experiences, for which you can register and attend. You will have options to earn credentials post-learning experience and access a record of your professional development to share with your institution or potential employers.  

What I can do regarding membership on CE21? 

If you are an employee at your institution, you can see basic information about your institution and the status of its NISOD membership. You can view and update your personal profile under your institution’s membership. You can register for a NISOD learning experience and pay or request that the institution pay for it if there is a fee attached. If you are a NISOD liaison, you can view additional details, such as who has created an account under your institution, as well as renew and pay for your annual membership.  

How do I access CE21? Is it on the NISOD website?  

CE21 is a separate platform connected to the NISOD website. To access CE21, go to https://nisod.ce21.com/account/login. You will need to create an account using your institutional email address. Your institution’s name should appear as you sign up. If it does not, please type in the full name of the institution, not an abbreviation. If you see an alert that your institutional email address is already registered, NISOD has already imported your information. Please proceed to reset your password here: https://nisod.ce21.com/account/forgotpassword. Once you have set up your account, you can login to view your profile.  

You had me create an individual account on NISOD’s website. Now what?  

Individual accounts was the first iteration for creating a personalized and easier user experience to access your member benefits. CE21 offers even more capabilities at your fingertips. We are in the process of setting up a single sign-on (SSO) process so that you will only need to login once to access all members-only benefits and resources on NISOD’s website and CE21. In the meantime, to make the transition easier, we recommend that you use the same password as your NISOD website individual account when you set up your CE21 account. You should use the same institutional email address.  

What happens to NISOD One Stop and the Liaison Portal?  

NISOD One Stop and the Liaison Portal will continue to exist for your use. They will be modified to include key links to redirect you to CE21 as appropriate.  

I’m having issues. Where should I go for help?  

If you are having technical issues, first ensure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser, and try deleting your web browser cache. If neither of those strategies resolve the issue, contact CE21 tech support at nisod@ce21.com or (877) 602-9877. For non-technical questions or general inquiries, contact (512) 471-7545. For membership inquiries, contact membership@nisod.org.

What if I am not a NISOD member? Can I still use CE21?  

If your institution is not a NISOD member, you can still use CE21. You will have more limited access to learning experiences at non-member pricing, unless the learning experience is complimentary. Encourage your institution to join NISOD to take advantage of our full package of member benefits and member pricing!  

Are you the NISOD liaison for your institution? On CE21, you have a number of capabilities to manage your institution’s membership. You can view your institution’s membership status, view who has created an account under your institution and approve or remove their access, as well as renew and pay for your annual membership.  For questions about your CE21 membership capabilities, email membership@nisod.org

Want to learn more about how to set up and use CE21?

Review the recording of a special edition of NISOD in a Nutshell!

The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) now awards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to individuals who attend select NISOD Learning Experiences and score a minimum of 80% on a post–learning experience assessment. NISOD recognizes the responsibility of educators to continue their educational and professional development and is excited to meet the needs of today’s faculty, administrators, and staff by providing CEUs as evidence of their professional development accomplishments. To learn more, click here.

You can earn CEUs for eligible learning experiences through NISOD’s new learning management system CE21. CEU eligible learning experiences are indicated with an icon and in the learning experience description.

Starting in summer 2022, learners will have the option to earn CEUs after successfully completing a learning assessment for the following learning experiences:

NISOD Webinars (CEUs now available for eligible webinars)

NISOD Virtual Workshops (CEUs available for workshops starting in fall 2022)

As NISOD continues to build out its Professional Learning Program, additional learning experiences will have associated CEUs.

Stay tuned!


Membership Team
(512) 471-7545 | membership@nisod.org