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“We share this diverse, rapidly changing, and complex world with our students. Every day we are presented with challenges that require unique and visionary solutions to serve them. Our partnership with NISOD provides opportunities for high quality professional development that helps our team stretch and think outside of the box. NISOD has a long legacy of offering excellent and progressive professional development, and it is important to me that our college remain connected to this important resource.” 

Dr. Curt Freed, President, Morgan Community College

Dr. Curt Freed

Dr. Curt Freed, President

Morgan Community College, CO | | Established 1970 | Jane Fries, NISOD Liaison

Member Spotlight Question and Answer 

When did Morgan Community College become a NISOD Member?
The college became a member in October 2018.

Why is Morgan Community College a NISOD Member?
MCC continually seeks ways to provide professional development and enrichment opportunities for its faculty and staff. NISOD offers excellent resources to help MCC employees stay on the cutting edge of best practices in higher education. Through the college’s institutional membership, all MCC staff have access to educational opportunities, many at no additional cost.

Which NISOD benefits does Morgan Community College use the most and how?
In 2019, MCC honored its faculty and administrative employees of the year by nominating them for NISOD Excellence Awards and paying their way to the annual conference. This began an annual tradition. Staff and faculty also use online resources such as Innovation Abstracts, NISODirect, and webinars

Interesting News Happening at Morgan Community College


MCC Ranks Among Top 10 Community Colleges
Morgan Community College is the eighth best community college in the nation, according to a SmartAsset analysis that weighted schools’ student to faculty ratio, graduation and transfer rate, and cost of tuition and fees. SmartAsset, a financial technology company aiming to provide people with personal finance advice, gave colleges a cumulative score with the highest performer at 100. MCC received an 83.45, scoring higher than 813 other surveyed schools.

Morgan Community College Helps Workers Retool for the Future
Community colleges offer something for everyone, including a chance to retrain when the economy takes a downturn and unemployment increases. The variety of certificate and degree options available at Morgan Community College provides many options for workers to retool their skills and achieve a more secure future. Learn more about all that Morgan Community College offers in this article written by its president, Dr. Curt Freed.

MCC Foundation Announces Wickstrom Memorial Endowment Scholarship
On Tuesday, Jan. 26, the Morgan Community College Foundation announced the establishment of a new scholarship, The Patty Wickstrom Endowment Scholarship, according to a news release. This endowment will provide scholarships for Morgan County students to pursue their educational goals at Morgan Community College, with priority given to applicants from Weldon Valley.

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