Facilitate a NISOD Webinar

NISOD’s Webinar Series, led by community and technical college leaders and other experts in the field, enables faculty members to conveniently learn about best practices and research related to effective teaching. In order to make this information available to our members, we need faculty and staff from community and technical colleges to share their best teaching practices.

If you are interested in facilitating a NISOD Webinar, please carefully read the following criteria before submitting your session proposal. 

Webinar Requirements

Webinars are pre-recorded two weeks prior to the live event and then streamed via Zoom. Presenters participate in the streamed sessions by interacting with participants via Zoom’s chat feature. Webinar presenters must:

  • Have access to a stable high-speed internet connection for recording the presentation, as well as when interacting with participants via Zoom’s chat feature on the day of the webinar.
  • Be available two weeks prior to the scheduled webinar to meet with our staff and record your presentation.
  • Have 50-60 minutes of content.
  • Be comfortable recording your presentation without the presence of a live audience.
  • Have access to a webcam and high-quality microphone.
  • Have access to a quiet location while recording your presentation.

Presentation Format

To ensure that your presentation will be effective in an online environment, please consider the following:

Auditory Content. Although it’s good practice to not read slides to an audience during any presentation, this is particularly true in an online environment. A strong and interesting prepared outline, however, can be very useful for keeping you on track, particularly since there will be no audience cues. Make sure that your voice is enthusiastic and natural.

Visual Content. Create visually appealing slides, avoiding bullet points whenever possible. Suggested content includes multi-colored graphs, tables, and screenshots that demonstrate main points in your presentation. It can be difficult to keep people engaged in an online environment. It may be even harder when they’re working/participating from home. IAdditional best practices for creating effective presentations can be found here and here.

Timing. Presentations are 50-60 minutes. Think about how much time you will spend on each slide. About two to three minutes per slide usually gives the audience enough time to absorb the slide’s content without becoming bored. Again, presenters are expected to interact with participants via Zoom’s chat feature during the webinar.


Webinars should help educators improve their teaching techniques for online, hybrid, blended, or face-to-face learning. Webinar sessions should cover a compelling teaching practice that improves student achievement.


Topics should be meaningful and relevant to college faculty members. Topics should have learning objectives that are action-oriented, measurable, and student-focused. View current examples of Webinar topics here.


Supporting material for Webinars should be compatible with Zoom’s interactive features (most presenters use PowerPoint). 

Who should I contact for additional information about NISOD’s Webinar Series?

Please contact Nicole Novelli at Nicole@nisod.org or (512) 471-7545 for additional information.

NISOD Webinar Facilitator Application

Click the button below to apply to be a NISOD webinar facilitator. If your topic is selected, you will be contacted to schedule the webinar. 

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