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“I am consistently in awe of the tremendous work performed by our faculty and staff.  Their passion and desire to improve our students’ quality of life and their commitment to advancing the mission of the college is humbling and commendable. I am proud to lead such a fine institution.”

Kimberly K. Hollingsworth., President, Olive-Harvey College

President Hollingsworth

Kimberly K. Hollingsworth, President

Olive-Harvey College || Established 1970 | Sharon T. Silverman, NISOD Liaison

Member Spotlight Question and Answer 

When did Olive-Harvey College become a NISOD Member?
Olive-Harvey College first became a NISOD member in 2002.

Why is Olive-Harvey College a NISOD Member?
Becoming a member of NISOD means a great deal to the institution because we, like NISOD, are committed to promoting and celebrating excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership. NISOD provides professional development opportunities that speak to and address the needs of community college faculty and staff.

Which NISOD benefits does Olive-Harvey College use the most and how?
NISOD’s webinars are overwhelmingly the most used resource by our faculty and staff. Our Liaison compiles the webinar schedule and hosts the webinars in our Teaching and Learning Center.  Faculty and staff can come, view the webinars, and discuss them in detail among themselves, creating informal think-tank sessions.


Interesting News Happening at Olive-Harvey College:

Food Pantry Opens at Olive-Harvey College
Olive-Harvey College, in collaboration with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, recently opened a resident food pantry to address the food insecurities of its students. This pantry was originally brought in as a pop-up stand, but will now be a permanent addition to campus.

City Colleges of Chicago Receives $5.5M in Workforce Equity Grant
Olive-Harvey College and the City Colleges of Chicago were recently awarded a $5.5M Workforce Equity Initiative Grant through the Illinois Community College Board. This grant money will allow Olive-Harvey College students the opportunity to complete short-term certificate programs that lead to employment in high-skilled, in-demand occupations.

Illinois’ First TDL Training Center Opens at Olive-Harvey
Last spring, city and state officials opened Olive-Harvey College’s 103,000-square-foot Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (TDL) Center. Reportedly the first of its kind in Illinois, the facility was designed to prepare students for the tens of thousands of TDL jobs expected to come to the region over the next decade.


Every month, NISOD turns the spotlight on the effective ways member colleges use NISOD benefits. These member colleges exemplify NISOD’s mission of improving teaching, learning, and leadership, with the ultimate goal being to increase student success.