Claiming Our Right to Be Here: The Art of Overcoming Self-Sabotage

We’ll call it baggage…the stuff we thought we’d left behind long ago—the old hurts, regrets, and insecurities—that have a way of showing up in our academic careers. We aim low, create conflict, or procrastinate our way away from something we really want because success just feels too terrifying. This webinar helps participants move into the mechanisms of why such self-sabotaging behavior occurs and how to get out of the tendency toward it. Most importantly, participants create a path to recover the love for the academic profession while learning to sidestep self-sabotage and embrace opportunity. Overall, webinar participants will identify how self-sabotage shows up in their academic careers, clarify the roots of self-sabotaging behavior, and generate constructive methods for sidestepping self-sabotage before it happens.

This webinar is free for members and nonmembers.

Dr. Stacee Reicherzer serves as clinical faculty in the SNHU Global Campus counseling program. “Dr. Stacee,” as she is professionally known, is a licensed professional counselor-supervisor from San Antonio, Texas and now resides on the South Coast of Massachusetts. She writes, consults, and presents extensively on the topics of diversity, personal empowerment and fabulousness, and creativity as a source of healing.

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