Member Spotlight – Phoenix College

As one of the nation’s oldest community colleges, Phoenix College provides exceptional opportunities for its students and employees. Our motto, “Go Far, Close to Home,” personifies the connectedness to our mission and goals of providing high quality and affordable education for students who desire to further their education at four-year institutions or who want to enter the workforce. – Dr. Larry Johnson, Jr. President, Phoenix College 

Dr. Larry Johnson, Jr. President

Name of College: Phoenix College
City and State: Phoenix, Arizona
Year Established: 1920
NISOD Liaison: Dr. Casandra Kakar

                                                                       Dr. Casandra Kakar, Vice President of Academic Affairs, NISOD Liaison

Member Spotlight Question and Answer 

When did Phoenix College become a NISOD Member?
Phoenix College became a NISOD Member in 2003.

Why is Phoenix College a NISOD Member?
NISOD’s resources, annual conference, and employee recognition process—NISOD Excellence Awards—help Phoenix College (PC) provide our faculty and staff members with professional development and growth opportunities. PC faculty and staff members attend the annual NISOD conference to gain exposure to the best practices in higher education.

Which NISOD benefits does Phoenix College use the most and how?
Phoenix College is dedicated to employee and organizational recognition as a part of the current strategic plan. The NISOD Excellence Awards are a critical opportunity to recognize excellence at PC. We often highlight achievement in a variety of functional areas on our campus to ensure that recognition of work across all of our institutional priorities takes place. Also, PC faculty and staff frequently read NISOD Innovation Abstracts to learn new pedagogy and to stay current with learning and teaching strategies.

Interesting News Happening at Phoenix College 

Phoenix College Guided Pathways
Phoenix College is currently implementing Guided Pathways as a part of the larger Maricopa Community Colleges District movement. Currently, PC is collaborating with peer institutions in the district to create new academic maps, integrate support into the student experience, and develop career exploration opportunities early in the student life-cycle.

Phoenix College Implements New Strategic Plan
Phoenix College recently implemented a new strategic plan along with an integrated program review, annual planning, and budgeting cycle. The new plan emphasizes using data to make informed decisions, transparency in budget allocations, and collaboration across the institution to achieve strategic priorities.

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