Using Social Media for Active Learning

People use social media in their everyday lives to connect to people and information. It can be challenging to effectively leverage social media in the classroom. The benefits of using social media include increasing in active learning, accessing authentic materials, and learner ownership of the learning environment and activities. This webinar addresses ways that social media can be used in formal class settings to support active learning using a knowledge activity framework. This framework helps instructors and learners focus on germane interactions and resources that support learning objectives and prepare learners for lifelong learning activities in the social media environment. The webinar covers initial steps for instructors who want to gradually use social media, as well as advanced ideas for using social media in the classroom. Practical and ethical issues are also discussed.

Vanessa Dennen, Professor, Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies, Florida State University
Dr. Vanessa Dennen is a professor of Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies at Florida State University. Dr. Dennen’s research investigates the cognitive, motivational, and social elements of computer-mediated communication. In 2014, she taught a Social Media for Active Learning MOOC, and she has delivered workshops and webinars internationally for instructors and instructional designers about developing online presence, social media integration in the classroom, and instructional design for active learning.

Dr. Dennen has authored more than 75 manuscripts, which have appeared in publications such as Instructional Science, Distance Education, Computers in Human Behavior, Educational Research Technology and Development, and The Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology.

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