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Preconference Seminars

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Preconference seminars are a great way to start your week at NISOD’s International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence. These special learning experiences provide intensive, collaborative, hands-on opportunities for exploring leading-edge teaching and learning skills and strategies. Each seminar, facilitated by experts in the field, offers in-depth study and insights into a particular topic that has been specifically developed for the NISOD audience. Participants leave with skills, knowledge, and materials they can immediately use in their own teaching and learning practice.

All Preconference Seminars will be held on Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 1:00 – 4:00pm.

Metacognition: The Key to Equity and Excellence for All Students!

Most students enter higher education unprepared for the demands of college courses. This is especially true for underrepresented minority students, first-generation students, and low-income students. Through interactive think-pair-share and group reflection exercises, participants explore why students have not developed effective learning strategies. Participants also examine evidence that demonstrates that teaching students how to learn can immediately and dramatically increase student success, especially students who are at a higher risk of failing.

Saundra McGuire, Director Emerita, Center for Academic Success and Retired Professor, Chemistry, Louisiana State University

Becoming Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable: Strategies and Tools for Engaging Colleagues in Equity Discussions

Participants in this preconference seminar examine how a college’s policies, procedures, and practices can help or hinder students in their pursuit of a degree or certificate. Participants engage in The Finish Line Game – Achieving the Dream’s newly enhanced professional development tool – where they experience what it’s like to walk in the shoes of students as they navigate their journeys through college. Participants leave with a shared understanding about barriers to student success and equity; a broader understanding about their college’s role in student success; and how to create a relaxed environment that facilitates open, respectful conversation about challenging topics.

Julia Lawton, Associate Director of Integrated Student Support Strategies, Innovation Team, Achieving the Dream; Francesca Carpenter, Associate Director, Open Educational Resources Degree Initiative, Innovation Team, Achieving the Dream

Emotional Intelligence, Efficacy, and Success

Have you ever wished you could change your students’ or colleagues’ attitudes to one more positive about their work? Well, you can! We all have a profound impact upon the emotional state of the people we interact with every day. Whether interacting with individuals or groups, the neuroscience is clear—the affective domain powerfully impacts cognition, persistence, motivation, and performance. In this multidimensional, highly-interactive, and experiential preconference seminar, participants explore a variety of ways they can increase positivity, motivation, engagement, and collaboration by building positive, empowering relationships.

David Katz III, Executive Director of Organizational Development, President’s Office, Mohawk Valley Community College

Contemplating Mindfulness Tools to Benefit Student Outcomes, Faculty Happiness, and Overall College Culture

College is stressful, not only for students, but for faculty too! Research shows that using mindfulness and other contemplative practices in the classroom can help increase learning and other successful outcomes. Participants in this preconference seminar explore current research on stress and stress management, experience mindfulness and other contemplative practices, and receive instructions for creating their own personal mindfulness routine. Leave with strategies you can use to help your students improve their emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, and empathic capacity, all of which promotes student learning, persistence, and performance through increased attention and insight.

Dori DiPietro, Faculty Director of Social Work, Cultural Science, Mesa Community College

Culturally Responsive and Safe Spaces: Inclusivity on Your Diverse Campus

During this engaging and collaborative preconference seminar, participants discuss the dynamics of Safe Zones and culturally responsive spaces while examining inclusive practices that respect diversity in classrooms and the campus as a whole. After investigating the need for ongoing trainings—perhaps even more than ever before given today’s climate—participants engage in ways to increase participation and dialogues regarding culturally responsive practices and Safe Zone trainings on their own campuses.

Alex Berry, Interim Director, Student Advising, Engagement, and Career Services, Sherrie Hildreth, Faculty, Humanities, Richland Community College; Kentina Smith, Assistant Professor, Psychology, Anne Arundel Community College

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