Learn to Build Community and Spark Engagement for Community College Students

Effective teaching in community colleges is harder now than ever before. This webinar sheds light on how two Aims Community College faculty members found ways to effectively drive active learning in today’s classroom. They are joined by a former community and state college president, along with the senior community success consultant at Yellowdig, to discuss their experiences building community in in-person and online courses. Participants learn how pedagogy and technology choices enable a deeper level of connection and conversation in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn to build community among learners with different backgrounds in different areas of studies.
  2. Explain how gamified learning leads to better student-led communication and more organic student engagement.
  3. Understand how to incorporate practical workforce and real-world experiences where learning can be applied.

Bob Ertischek, J.D., is the senior community success consultant at Yellowdig. He works with Yellowdig’s partners to share best practices and pedagogy. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo and his Juris Doctor degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. Prior to coming to Yellowdig, Bob founded and led Profology, a professional development community for higher education instructors. He also taught political science for over a decade at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York, and worked at the Rochester Institute of Technology as an instructional technologist/faculty developer where he evaluated educational technology and worked with faculty members using online tools to increase engagement in their courses. Before transitioning to higher education, Bob practiced law in Rochester, New York.

Jana Kooi, Former President of various state and community colleges

Denise Pearson, Associate Professor, Education and Advancing Academic Achievement – Aims Community College

Dr. Carole Brown, Chair, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center; Associate Professor, Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology – Aims Community College