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Workshop Topic Detail

Exercise Toolkit for Virtual Interactive Teaching and Learning

During this workshop, participants practice a series of exercises that can be used in remote teaching to engage students in interactive learning and exploration, even when they’re experiencing zoom fatigue. The workshop helps faculty build a sense of community within the classroom and emphasizes dialogic approaches to teaching the whole student and engaged learning. Participants gain hands-on experience practicing the exercises and leave the workshop ready to bring new approaches back to the classroom. Together with the facilitator, participants consider questions, additional remote teaching ideas, and key take-aways.

  • Participants practice and learn the name game, the five-minute poem, the culture box exercises, and other strategies.
  • Participants practice and learn the fishbowl exercise, the concentric circle exercise, in addition to other pedagogical approaches.

About the Facilitator

Dr. David Schoem, a first-generation college graduate, teaches in the sociology department at the University of Michigan, where he has also held administrative roles as an assistant dean for undergraduate education, assistant vice president for academic and student affairs, and director of the Michigan Community Scholars Program. Dr. Schoem has extensive and successful experience building community inside and outside the classroom using dialogic and whole student teaching methods. He was a co-founder of Michigan’s Program on Intergroup Relations. He is the co-editor of “Teaching the Whole Student: Engaged Learning With Heart, Mind, and Spirit,” “Intergroup Dialogue: Deliberative Democracy in School, College, Community, and Workplace,” and “Multicultural Teaching in the University,” and co-author of “College Knowledge for the Community College Student.”

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