Five Reasons to Co-Host a Campus or Regional Workshop


NISOD’s collection of workshops, designed for community and technical college educators, are a great way to reinvigorate classrooms and curricula that may be feeling a bit stale. NISOD’s workshops are also an outstanding way to bring together educators to network, be inspired, and learn best practices from our expert workshop facilitators. Below are five reasons to host a Campus or Regional Workshop at your college.

  1. Two Formats and Over 20 Programs That Fit Your Needs
    Have you started to notice a particular issue in your classroom that could use some addressing, or a need to develop better awareness of a specific type of pedagogical training at your college? A Campus Workshop allows a college to bring one of our workshops to their institution, exclusively for its faculty, administrators, and staff. Feel like co-hosting a public workshop instead? Regional Workshops allow colleges to bring together educators from the surrounding area to participate in a workshop. Regardless of what format best fits your needs, colleges can choose from over 20 leading-edge and fascinating workshops to bring to campus.
  2. Exclusive Faculty and Staff Discount
    One of the best perks of co-hosting a Regional Workshop is that faculty and staff at your college receive an exclusive discount on registration for the workshop. (Psst! Co-hosting colleges can offer their faculty, administrators, and staff an even deeper discount on Campus or Regional Workshops when your college becomes a NISOD member.)
  1. Real-Time Discussion and Practical Activities
    All of our workshop facilitators guide participants through programs that include a blend of lecture, discussion, and engaging activities. Many of the workshops, such as Emotional Intelligence, Student Efficacy, and the Growth Mindset; Teaching Critical Thinking; and Strategies for Student Learning and Success: Relational Teaching and Classroom Community Building, include participation in games and activities so educators gain practical experience with the tools and techniques facilitators provide before bringing them back to their own curricula. Workshops also naturally become mini networking events for faculty, administrators, staff, and facilitators.
  2. Resources to Use Post-Workshop
    All of our workshop facilitators provide unique handouts and proprietary slides during workshops, resources that participants are free to take with them or access after a workshop. After just four hours, participants walk away from workshops with next steps and new ideas to immediately implement into their curricula. Facilitators also provide their contact information so participants can easily connect, get any follow-up questions answered, or receive additional post-workshop support.
  3. Free Lunch
    If the previous four reasons to host a Regional Workshop on your campus haven’t convinced you to hold one yet, then maybe the complimentary lunch provided by NISOD for each workshop participant will. Who can pass up free food?

Bonus Reason: Regional Workshop participants receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completing the workshop.

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If you’re interested in providing your college’s faculty, administrators, and staff access to a cost-effective, high-quality, and high-impact learning experience, please visit, or contact Ed Leach at or (512) 232-1430 for additional information.