Participate in NISOD's Student Contests

Want to help your students win $1,000? By entering our Student Essay Contest and Student Graphic Design Contest, students at NISOD member colleges have the opportunity to receive $1,000 and complimentary travel to Austin to be recognized for their talents during our annual conference.

Needs ideas for increasing your students’ awareness and participation in NISOD’s student contests? Below are some of our suggestions!

1. Instructors: Create an Extra-Credit Assignment
A great way to increase your college’s engagement in our student contests is by making the tasks extra-credit or “attendance-points-make-up” assignments. If you teach English or composition, add the Student Essay Contest as an extra-points-possible writing assignment so students can show they have mastered personal narrative writing (or any other genre that might apply to your classroom). If you are a digital or fine arts instructor, use the Student Graphic Design Contest as an extra-credit assignment so students can continue to build their design skills and professional portfolios. Please note: The Student Essay Contest and Student Graphic Design Contest are open to all students at NISOD member colleges, regardless of their major.

2. Place Flyers Around Campus
Inform students at your college about NISOD student contests by printing out the below flyers and strategically placing them around campus. Encourage faculty to print flyers for their classrooms, share the PDF in an announcement on their course management pages, and add the PDFs to the files or documents section of their course management pages.

2022 Student Contest Flyer

 3. Inform Academic Advisors and Counselors
Academic advisors and counselors are often the main points of contact for students. They work closely with students and are usually aware of students searching for scholarships or other forms of financial assistance. Share information about NISOD’s student contests with your advisors and counselors so you reach more students.

4. Financial Aid Office and Students Seeking Scholarships
Similar to academic advisors and counselors, financial aid personnel typically know when students are searching for scholarships or are in need of financial assistance. Share information about NISOD’s student contests with your financial aid office and other student support programs.

5. Your College’s Communications Department
Contact your college’s communications department and let them know that students at your college are eligible to participate in NISOD’s student contests. Your communications department can share information about the contests via your college’s social media accounts, collegewide emails, and other communication channels.

Visit the Student Contests page for more information or to submit entries.