Member Spotlight – Phillips Community College

“At PCCUA, we treat each student who enters our doors with dignity, respect, and care. Each student has a different set of needs which, if met, increase that student’s likelihood of achieving personal goals. We recognize that students are tied to family and friends, and that it is within the context of family and friends that a student succeeds. This is why we provide services such as food pantries, child care vouchers, transportation, and more. More is good has become our mantra: more voices, more support, more connections, and more development.”

Dr. Keith PinchbackChancellor, Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas

Keith Chancellor


Keith Pinchback, Chancellor

Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas, Helena-West Helena, Arkansas  | | Established 1965 | Deborah King, NISOD Liaison

Member Spotlight Question and Answer 

When did Phillips Community College become a NISOD Member?
PCCUA has been an active member of NISOD since 1989.

Why is Phillips Community College a NISOD Member?
The services and support provided by NISOD have proven to be invaluable. NISOD provides multiple resources to the faculty and staff at PCCUA in the form of publications, connections, professional development, and their annual conference.

Which NISOD benefits does Phillips Community College use the most and how?
Innovation Abstracts has been a practical resource for faculty and staff. Many faculty have used ideas and practices introduced in these articles. Additionally, the Liaison Update has been exceptionally helpful in keeping all of us at PCCUA attuned to trends and changes in higher education.

Interesting News Happening at Phillips Community College

The Arkansas Transfer Achievement Scholarship Helps Phillips Community College Students Save
The University of Arkansas began a new scholarship program last year that enables students who have achieved an associate’s degree at a UA system community college to continue their education at The University of Arkansas while paying the same credit-hour tuition they paid at their two-year institution. In the local announcement, PCCUA Chancellor Dr. Keith Pinchback said, “We could not be any happier about this opportunity for them to transfer to our flagship institution to further their higher education while continuing to save thousands.”

Phillips Community College Ranked Third Among State’s Community Colleges
Phillips Community College was ranked the third best community college in the state of Arkansas last year, according to the finance website Wallethub. PCCUA was also ranked in the top 25 for affordability. 

Construction Degree Now Offered at Phillips Community College
PCCUA rolled out its new Construction Technology degree last fall. The Construction Technology degree teaches students to apply technical knowledge and skills that prepare them for work with building, inspecting, and maintenance of structures, roads, metal frames, and other types of construction.
The A.A.S. degree program can be completed in just four semesters.

Every month, NISOD turns the spotlight on the effective ways member colleges use NISOD benefits. These member colleges exemplify NISOD’s mission of improving teaching, learning, and leadership, with the ultimate goal being to increase student success.