Regional & Campus Workshops x

Campus Workshops

A college brings a workshop to their institution exclusively for their faculty, administrators, and staff.

Campus Workshops allow colleagues to come together at a more localized level to share experiences, network, and learn from one another as they address issues and best practices that are specifically relevant to their institution. Campus Workshops create a more personal and engaging environment where each person is featured and expected to get involved.

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Regional Workshops

A host college and NISOD work together to invite faculty, administrators, and staff from area colleges to attend a workshop.

These cost-effective, high-quality, and high-impact workshops bring together educators from around your region to network, be inspired, and learn best practices from one another. Regional Workshops help participants meet other people who can help them improve their instructional practices, with the smaller format allowing for more meaningful conversations, idea sharing, and peer feedback.

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Currently Scheduled Workshops

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