Session #2 – David Katz

Emotional Intelligence, Efficacy, and Success

Have you ever wished you could change your students’ or colleagues’ attitudes toward more positive engagement in their work? YOU CAN! The secret is appreciating that all of us, as leaders within our classrooms and professional areas, have a profound impact upon the emotional state of the people with whom we engage each day. In this interactive and fun presentation, participants explore ways faculty and other professional colleagues can increase student success and professional growth and collaboration by improving attitudes toward work, relationships, and learning. Participants explore ways to encourage a mindset that leads to a stronger sense of self-efficacy and a more persistent effort among our students and our colleagues, as well as within our academic and professional communities.


Participate in a 60-second paper, roleplaying demonstrations, pair and share activities, and interviews with feedback.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants are able to:

  • Demonstrate the emotional impact of every single communication.
  • Describe the positive outcomes of achieving high levels of resonance.
  • Identify, nurture, and develop talents, rather than focus on weaknesses.
  • Understand how positive emotions expand cognition.
  • Explain how the affective domain profoundly influences persistence.
  • Analyze premises behind the “Growth Mindset” and “Brain Plasticity.”