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Professional Development Symposium

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Developing Your Part-Time Faculty: They Matter!
Most faculty development opportunities are focused on full-time faculty, neglecting those who teach many of our students—part-time faculty. Finding ways to engage part-time faculty can be challenging. This session provides one approach to engaging adjuncts in faculty development opportunities that not only creates a sense of belonging and improved teaching, but ultimately changes lives. New and seasoned faculty developers and administrators benefit from engaging in this discussion.
Carmen Mercedez, Director, Faculty Development (Mathematics); Kevin Ann Kelsmark, Leader, Faculty Development, Alamo Colleges District

Guided Strategies to Increase Faculty Attendance at Professional Development Activities!
This session provides participants with practical ideas and creative tips for achieving greater faculty involvement in professional development (PD) initiatives. Access information from Confederation College that identifies critical beginning steps that lead to success, specific strategies for marketing your PD for greater faculty attendance, and resilience strategies for when PD fails. Receive helpful ideas you can bring back to your educational community.
Jennifer Andersen, Resource Specialist, Communications, Confederation College

A Conceptual Framework for Variables Influencing Faculty Development
Numerous models of faculty development have been described in literature. There is often significant overlap in such models, and commonly, the complex set of factors that influence faculty development are excluded. Participants consider a conceptual framework for faculty development that attempts to identify the numerous factors influencing developmental activity.
Mike Gillespie, Associate Vice President, Learning and Teaching, Sask Polytechnic; Desalyn De-Souza, Associate Dean, Human Services, SUNY Empire State College

Earning Your Stripes: How One Institution Revamped Professional Development
Tired of people talking at you? Do faculty members at your college feel that professional development presentations are something to be endured, and maybe even resented? During this session, the presenters share how they changed from a “Professional Development Calendar” to a holistic approach involving relevant, self-selected, and convenient activities to develop employees, the campus, and the district they serve.
Kelli Hefner, Vice President, Planning and Research; Amber Nelms, Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Northeast Mississippi Community College