Writing for The NISOD Papers


The NISOD Papers, an occasional publication, is NISOD’s version of a white paper series that educates our audience or explains a particular issue relevant to community and technical college educators. The NISOD Papers covers an array of diverse topics: professional development, emerging technologies, crisis communication, education reform, and more. It complements NISOD’s weekly Innovation Abstracts, which focuses on teaching and learning topics and is directed specifically toward faculty members.

Unlike Innovation Abstracts, which is made available only to individuals at our member colleges, The NISOD Papers is distributed via email to everyone in our database—members and nonmembers—as well as to all visitors to our website who choose to download the publication.

Because the publication appears occasionally, it is especially easy to tailor the publication date of your article to the time frame that best suits your schedule.

Author Guidelines

  • Length: as many pages (including illustrations, charts, and references) the topic requires to provide adequate and appropriate details.
  • Structure:
    • Introduction
    • Section or sections that educate the reader about the problem
    • Section or sections describing the solution
    • Section or sections describing an example of the solution being used
    • Section or sections describing the results
    • Conclusion.
  • Style: Professional, serious, and well written. Please include a list of works cited at the end of your paper.
  • Topics usually cover research or special programs on campus that help with supporting student success.

Contact publications@nisod.org for additional information.