Scott Wright Student Essay Contest

Overcoming My Fears

Written by Brenton Small, Southern Crescent Technical College

When I finally decided to start my educational journey, I admit I didn’t know what to expect. I considered my previous time I attended college, in which, I would describe as frustrating, unsatisfying, non-relational. Simply put, I felt like I was just another student ID number floating aimlessly around campus in an urban setting. Fast forward to 2020, almost twenty years later, I admit I used my previous college experience as prejudice, to prejudge what my new college experience would be. However, I was proven wrong by the professionalism and graciousness extend to me by Southern Crescent Technical College by way of Professor William Pickett.
My first interaction with Mr. Pickett was thru email, in which, I explained that I was unfamiliar with the school’s intranet and Blackboard platform. There was correspondence that needed immediate attention, but I was unable to access it. Out of frustration, I emailed Mr. Pickett and he immediately responded back to me and explained that I needed to push a tab that is located on the left side of screen. I became more irritated when I was unable to locate this anonymous tab, so I emailed him again explaining my predicament. I believe Mr. Pickett sensed my frustration, so he called me and walked me through locating the hidden tab. As of today, it takes me less than 10 seconds to locate any information or assignments on the school’s online platforms. Initially it took me 30 – 45 minutes to get familiar with this system. Mr. Pickett remained on the phone and coached me through every step until I became proficient enough to use Blackboard without any assistance. Mr. Pickett demonstrated professionalism, kindness, and also patience. His closing statement was, “Good Luck and I can’t wait to meet you in person.” With his laid-back demeanor and encouragement, Mr. Pickett gave me reassurance that my college experience will be different, but exciting if I remain on the path to accomplishing my goals.
In closing, I have described Mr. William Pickett’s character as professional, kind, and patient. I’m also going to add he is very sincere when it comes to teaching. Mr. Pickett’s willingness to share his professional triumphs and failures has helped me view my lack of familiarity to certain carpentry techniques as an opportunity to learn. Mr. Pickett words of wisdom have been engraved into my conscience. For example, Mr. Pickett stated that, “opportunity is often disguised as hard work”. That statement alone has encouraged me to embrace adversity because a better opportunity may be right around the corner. Although I am at the beginning of my course of study, I have already learned so much from Mr. Pickett both educationally and personally, and everyday I feel more eager to finish out the program and start a new journey in life.

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