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Suanne Davis Roueche Faculty Scholarships

Application Deadline is March 11, 2022

By applying for this scholarship, I certify that the following statements are true as of the date the application is submitted.

  • I am a faculty member, librarian, or counselor at a NISOD-member college.
  • I have secured my college’s president’s permission to apply for a 2022 NISOD Conference Scholarship.
  • I agree that if I accept the scholarship, I will attend NISOD’s 2022 International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence
  • If awarded a scholarship, I agree that NISOD may use my name, title, and photograph in promotional materials.
  • I acknowledge that if I accept a scholarship, I am not eligible to receive a scholarship for future NISOD conferences.

Questions about the Suanne Davis Roueche Faculty Scholarships should be sent to or call (512) 471-7545.

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