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NISOD’s International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence is the definitive gathering of community and technical college educators passionate about teaching and learning. Over the years, NISOD’s annual conference has provided faculty, administrators, and staff with the resources, ideas, and solutions that drive excellence in all areas of community and technical college campuses.

2022 NISOD Annual Conference Photos

The 2022 NISOD Annual Conference photos from the conference are now available.

Information about the 2023 NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence will be available shortly.

“I enjoyed the energy of attendees – we shared common goals, common challenges, and the desire to be better. It’s refreshing and rewarding to collaborate to find solutions and best practices together.”

“Generally speaking, community college families are all “on different ends of the same boat.” Most institutions face similar issues and it was inspiring to see others share best practices that everyone can use to enhance the educational opportunities we provide to our communities.”

“There is such a positive vibe at this conference, with everyone willing and trying to share ideas in order to make us all better teachers. A spirit of collaboration and community pervades each session.”