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Here’s what people are saying about NISOD’s International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence…

Excellence Award recipients who attend the conference gain energy and ideas for enhancing their teaching and support of our students, making them even better than they already were. When they bring these new ideas and enthusiasm back to the College, we all benefit.
—John J. “Ski” Sygielski, President, Harrisburg Area Community College
NISOD rocks! Attending is like visiting your favorite uncle and learning from his tales filled with wisdom, meeting all the kids in the neighborhood, and filling up on the goodies he’s got stashed just for you!
—Christine Buta, Adjunct Associate Professor, Johnson County Community College (KS)
A beautifully organized conference that provides a once-a-year enclave for college educators/administrators looking to share ideas and keep current with trends in learning and teaching.
—Philippe Baugh, Assistant Professor, Music, Tarrant County College (TX)
The NISOD Conference was an opportunity to appreciate the value of the work we all do each day. I am excited, and encouraged by what I learned and ready to share it with students in a way that challenges both them and me. This was the best conference I have ever attended.
—Marty Rodweller, Academic Counselor/Adjunct Professor, North Shore Community College (MA)
Come to NISOD as an individual, attend as a student, and when it’s over you will leave as a member of the NISOD community.
—Cameron Cox, Instructor, SAIT Polytechnic (CANADA)
NISOD is the best conference around. In Austin, you let your hair down and dig into some great learning experiences. I’ve been to NISOD three years in a row, and I’m coming back next year!
—Lisa Macon, Professor of Information Technology, Valencia College (FL)
NISOD provides a rich learning experience for all who attend. The general sessions are always informative, inspiring, affirming, and even entertaining! With so many breakout sessions to chose from, there is something new to learn for everyone.
—Katherine Persson, President, LoneStar College-Kingwood (TX)
NISOD is truly one of the best professional developmental conferences. It practices what it teaches by addressing the body, mind, and spirit. Well done!!!
—Deborah Daiek, Associate Dean, Learning Support Services, Schoolcraft College (MI)
There is no doubt that the NISOD conference is an excellent, renewing, revitalizing event. Regardless of anything else, one can’t help but feel recommitted to the job after attending.
—Julia Brandwin-Glait, Curriculum Consultant/Faculty, Nova Scotia Community College (NS)
I learned so many new ideas at the NISOD Conference about how to thrive in the new economy that it easily paid for my registration!
—Bo Sellers, Director of Workforce Solutions, Pierpont Community and Technical College (WV)
It was an amazing and emotional feeling to be surrounded by so many community college educators, staff, and administrators. The passion in the conversations regarding students and how to be better at what we do was overwhelming. It was not about money, prestige, or titles—but instead it was about becoming better at what we do and celebrating all the good community colleges have to offer us, the community, and the students.
—Nancy Wiley, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Cape Cod Community College (MA)
I was proud to bring my faculty and staff to NISOD and experience the magic that happens in Austin! It is quite a legacy; it is quite an experience!
—Phil Neal, President/CEO, Bowling Geen Technical College (KY)
If you’re looking for a conference that will provide you with concrete strategies and pedagogical choices, NISOD’s the one for you.
—Jo Pantaleo, Director, Academic Literacy Learning Center, Queensborough Community College (NY)