International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence

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Classified Support Staff Sessions

The following is a list of presentations designed specifically for community and technical college classified support staff attending NISOD’s 2020 annual conference.

Communicating with Compassion and Empathy in the Workplace Hoping to improve your listening skills and ability to connect with others? This session explores the importance of empathy when dealing with others’ emotions and concerns. Participants discuss why empathy is important, gain techniques that incorporate listening into daily communication, and leave the session able to describe what empathetic body language looks like.
Positive and Effective Communication for Everyone Unlock the secret qualities likable people share that lead to effective communication in the workplace. Participants learn why good communication skills are important, explore models and methods of communication, and leave ready to retackle the workplace with their new found skills.
Dealing With Difficult People This session shares techniques and strategies for defusing tough workplace situations and bringing out the best in people. Participants discuss strategies for managing anger and stress, analyze tactics to avoid problems before they occur, and discuss coping strategies for dealing with difficult people.
Secrets to Delivering Exceptional Customer Service Come learn what’s meant by “exceptional customer service,” and why it’s the single most important competency leading to organizational success. Participants discover tips for increasing customer satisfaction, problem-solving in difficult circumstances, and handling customers on a one-on-one basis without being frustrated.
Understanding How to Apply Emotional Intelligence Don’t trust your success to your emotions without ensuring they are in line with your career, work, and life goals. This session teaches participants the basics of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how to apply EI to everyday life. Participants leave this session able to take their career to new levels by learning the basics of EI, reviewing EI competencies, taking a personal EI assessment, and developing a plan for implementing EI.
The What, When, Where, and Why of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is an important topic as community colleges continue to ensure their employees feel valued and respected. This session introduces participants to DEI, when it all came about, why it’s important to understand, and where it’s headed. Participants discuss the “Wheel of Diversity” and how it has changed over time, learn the five levels of implicit bias, and review steps for working with DEI at their institutions.
Thinking Outside the Box: Connecting Heart, Mind, and Body Discover how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can affect our biological functioning. In other words, how our minds can affect the health of our bodies. The mind, both physical and existing, can only think. It’s the actions of the body that produces results. Participants in this session discover their inner connections, identify five emotional symptoms of stress, learn stress busters, and develop a plan of action.
Empowering You on Your Journey to Health and Wellness Movement, mindset, and nourishment are essential to living life to the fullest. What if you could show up every day being the happiest and healthiest possible version of yourself? Participants leave this session motivated and empowered to take action towards living their best life. Participants discover their circle of life, learn how to reinvent themselves, and develop steps to take now towards living life to the fullest.
Time Management Skills for the 21st Century Getting the most out of a 24-hour day is a constant challenge. For many of us, there is simply too much to do. This high-energy, back to basics session explains the fundamentals of time management. Participants identify and establish their priorities, discover where their time goes during the day, and leave with effective time management strategies and resources.
Conflict Resolution in the Workplace This session explores strategies for solving conflict in the workplace. Participants learn how to limit the negative aspects of conflict and create positive learning experiences. We also discuss how to enhance learning and group outcomes in an organizational setting.
Everyone Makes a Difference! Come learn how each person, no matter their position, makes a difference in changing lives. Participants learn team-building strategies and explore ways they can make a positive impact on their teams. You’ll leave this session with the skill sets to collaborate across departments and inspire a culture of self-awareness in your workplace!
Your Personality Traits + How You Communicate = How to Thrive Did you know that human behavior is not random, and that it motivates you and how you communicate? This session encourages reflection and helps participants gain insight into their communication strengths and weaknesses. Participants learn the history of personality assessments, take personality assessments, and develop tools to better communicate and work with others.
Setting Goals and Creating a Professional Plan We are all on a never-ending mission to grow and learn within our work roles. This session reviews the top tips for setting goals, developing short- and long-term plans to improve your professional outcomes, and obtaining your dream position. Participants learn how to create SMART goals, develop short- and long-term professional plans, and collaborate with other participants to reflect and create accountability actions.