Use a Campus Access License to Enhance Your College’s Professional Development Offerings

NISOD is excited to share tips that will help your college make the most of its Campus Access License!

Recreate the Live Events on Your Campus
The live Online Convenings provide an opportunity to connect participants who tune in together from across the country and beyond. When your college purchases a Campus Access License, you also unlock the ability to recreate this kind of collaborative experience among faculty, administrators, and staff at your college. Plan screening times using a meeting app such as Zoom to show each session at a time when participants can tune in and interact with each other via the meeting app’s chat feature.

Build Community Across Groups
The Online Convenings allow faculty, administrators, and staff who might normally work in silos to come together over shared goals, such as professional development and student success. Colleges that purchase a Campus Access License can create small online or onsite breakout groups consisting of faculty, administrators, and staff to watch and discuss the convenings and use their shared expertise and experiences to create holistic, collegewide action plans.

Come Together (Eventually) in Person
Buy a Campus Access License now, come together later. Once faculty, administrators, and staff are safely back on campus, there will be the need for team building, networking, and catching up. What better way to accomplish these goals than by hosting a mini-conference? Over the course of several days or weeks, screen the Online Convenings on your campus and invite faculty, administrators, and staff to attend, participate in breakout discussions, and strengthen bonds with colleagues.

The Benefits of Online Professional Development

  • Flexibility: Faculty, administrators, and staff at your college can access the Online Convenings whenever they want and as many times as they want.
  • Access: Ever been in the back row at a crowded conference? The Online Convenings provide all participants with a “front row seat.”
  • Affordability: The Campus Access License offers an affordable way to bring the convenings to everyone on your campus.
  • Expertise: Gain access to experts on community college success and innovation.