When Your College Is a Member, so Are You



If you’ve ever been confused about why your typical login credentials aren’t getting you into nisod.org (you know, that email address and password you’ve been using since the dawn of the internet), you’re not alone. A question we field a lot here at NISOD is, “How do I access members-only content on the website?” To help ward off the confusion and frustration left from feeling locked out, below are some FAQs and answers to help you access your NISOD member benefits.

What are my NISOD username and password?
Everyone at your college uses the college’s registered username and password to log into nisod.org. That means there is only one username and password assigned to your institution that every individual at your college uses.

Visit nisod.org/verify to retrieve your college’s login credentials. Keep these handy or bookmark this page for the next time you want to access your NISOD member benefits.

What benefits does my NISOD username and password grant me access to?
All NISOD member benefits become available to anyone using their college’s login credentials. Some of the top benefits we find our members engage with on nisod.org are

Who can help me when I have questions about NISOD?
Every member college has an on-campus liaison that should be your go-to person for anything NISOD-related. To find your college’s liaison, click here. You can also always reach out to the NISOD staff if you have questions that your liaison can’t answer!

Whether you are faculty, staff, an administrator, dean, adjunct, librarian, president, academic advisor, or learning specialist, just remember…when your college is a NISOD member, so are you!