NISOD and ACUE Launch Major Collaboration

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October 25, 2018—The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) and the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) today announce a major collaboration to further advance faculty and student success through quality instruction at community and technical colleges nationwide.

“For over 40 years, NISOD has brought to our members exceptional benefits and resources that promote teaching, learning, and leadership excellence,” said Dr. Edward Leach, executive director of NISOD. “Our collaboration with ACUE advances this important mission.”

“ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework is a respected statement of the teaching skills and knowledge that every college educator should possess, and ACUE’s courses of study uniquely prepare faculty across all of these core competencies. It’s an honor to be associated with these high-quality programs of study that lead to the only nationally-recognized credential in effective college instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education,” added Dr. Leach.

“ACUE and NISOD’s collaboration is based on our shared conviction that every college student deserves an extraordinary education and that all faculty members deserve the preparation and ongoing support necessary to teach well,” said Dr. Jonathan Gyurko, ACUE’s chief executive officer. “NISOD’s workshops, webinars, and conferences are indispensable resources to countless community college faculty, staff, and administrators. ACUE is honored by NISOD’s recognition and delighted to support and expand NISOD’s offerings.”

Through this collaboration, community and technical college faculty will have the opportunity to earn credit toward ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction through new online and face-to-face “seminars” offered jointly by NISOD and ACUE. In addition, NISOD member colleges receive a discount on ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction in an amount equal to their annual NISOD membership dues. Participants and credentialed faculty will be recognized at NISOD’s annual conference. Other benefits and special offerings will also be available to NISOD member and ACUE partner institutions. The first set of credit-bearing seminars will be announced in the coming weeks.

“We formed this collaboration given our mutual strengths and complementary work, as we’re always looking for additional ways to support faculty,” Dr. Penny MacCormack, ACUE’s chief academic officer, said. “Both NISOD and ACUE aim to ensure every faculty member is supported and every college student receives the best education possible.”

About NISOD: For community and technical colleges that want to make the most of their professional development dollars, NISOD provides budget-friendly, high-quality, and faculty-focused programs and resources. For over 40 years, NISOD’s customer-focused approach has helped align our wide array of benefits with the needs of our members, which explains why the American Association of Community Colleges named NISOD, “The country’s leading provider of professional development for community college faculty, staff, and administrators.”

About ACUE: The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) believes that all college students deserve an extraordinary education and that faculty members play a critical role in their success. In partnership with institutions of higher education nationwide, ACUE supports and credentials faculty members in the use of evidence-based teaching practices that drive student engagement, retention, and learning. Faculty members who complete ACUE courses earn certificates in effective college instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education. ACUE’s Community of Professional Practice connects college educators from across the country through member forums, podcasts, and updates on the latest developments in the scholarship of teaching and learning. To learn more, visit